ADS plays an instrumental role in bringing industry and Government together. They also work closely and collaboratively to maintain and grow the UK as a world leader in our industries.

Membership extends to all individuals within Indigo Fitness, which means every employee can access relevant information and make use of ADS services.

Access to tailored events programme

ADS caters for diverse sectors offering everything from large international trade show participation, at discounted rates, through to networking forums and specialist briefings to help us grow our business.

Get valuable business development support

They offer access to a unique business development centre saving us time and effort and have dedicated business development staff connecting us to the programmes and people that count.

Expertise & knowledge

ADS offers a host of industry initiatives, in house expertise, exporting and funding advice along with access to 30+ Special Interest Groups, allowing Indigo to tap into specialised and current knowledge transfer networks.

Increasing our brand’s exposure in relevant markets

For Indigo valuable exposure via ADS stakeholder networks, promotions at ADS premises and digital PR & Marketing channels are especially important for the Defence sector.