4 Gym Flooring Solutions to Get More out of Your FACILITY

Published: 9 Feb, 2023
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A multidisciplinary training space needs varied flooring surfaces to suit the activities that will be taking place.

GoPerform operates as a multi-faceted facility covering everything from Strength and Conditioning through to rehab & physiotherapy. They required a facility with numerous flooring types to allow them to train and rehab clients on a surface as close to what they may experience in their respective sports.

  1. Flooring for the ultimate lifting experience
  2. Flooring to replicate performance on the pitch
  3. Flooring for plyometrics
  4. Flooring for runners

IndigoFitness are experts in gym flooring, gym design and installation solutions. With this in mind, IndigoFitness designed GoPerform’s training space from the ground up.

#1: Flooring for the ultimate lifting experience

Flooring type: Enduratile 30mm performance floor

Used in the heavy lifting area, under and around the bespoke rig with the purpose of reducing noise and vibrations and providing a stable platform for their clients to lift from.
This area covers a total of 224 sq. meters.


#2: Flooring to replicate performance on the pitch

Flooring type: Indoor 4G turf

This was used to imitate when players are on the pitch either training or playing. GoPerform were very specific about the turfs requirements as it plays a vital role in rehabbing players back to match fit. The surface allows clients to wear studs and moulds when training to replicate being on the pitch.  
This area covers a total of 84 sq/m

DSC5723 1

#3: Flooring for plyometrics

Flooring type: Turf Track – Pavi Turflex

The Pavi Turflex track has a shock pad underneath which provides a slightly more plyometric feel and provides Go Perform the ability to rehab players with lower limb injuries. The slightly plyometric surface requires the user to focus on ankle stiffness and stability. The surface can also be used for sleds , great for acceleration work.
This area is 2m wide by 22m long.

DSC5769 5

#4: Flooring for runners

Flooring type: Mondo Sprint Track

This surface replicates tracks used within athletics for both short and long distance events. It allows clients to use spikes and mimic competition scenarios whilst they train. Like the 4G it allows GoPerform to offer clients the chance to train as close to how they would compete.

This area is 1.5m wide x 22m long.

DSC02592 1

Getting your gym flooring right will set the tone for the rest of your space and allow you to build a safe and effective environment.

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