5 Gym Design Trends That’ll Be Huge in 2023

Published: 1 Feb, 2023
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The health and fitness industry is always changing. Some trends fizzle, others change the game and ultimately the gym space.

But how do you know what areas of the industry are worth investing in?

In 2023, we’re predicting an even bigger shift towards recovery and customers craving variety.


Here are the top 5 gym design trends we expect to see evolving the gym space in 2023:

  1. More dedicated recovery spaces
  2. Pod training takes centre stage
  3. Multi-use studios
  4. Outdoor fitness is less seasonal
  5. Enter Red light training

Trend #1: More dedicated recovery spaces

Where do your members recover? Is this outside of the gym or do you have a recovery room or space on the gym floor?

In 2023, individuals want to train hard but also train for life. Recovery as part of your training space can ensure clients reach full potential, improve performance and prevent injury.

In order to stand out, we predict brands and facilities will dedicate more space and incorporate different practices to encourage recovery.

More effort than some no-frills stretching matts, foam rollers and lacrosse balls for self-myofascial release.

From Infrared saunas to compression treatment and cold therapy using ice baths.

The challenge is to keep your members recovering in the gym and not losing them to a gym that provides the full wellness suite.

We expect to see operators and independent gyms implementing a recovery strategy to improve overall performance and health for clients. Not just jumping straight into the next workout.

Think less short term results; more unique training environment that attracts additional consumers, long term.

FYI: IndigoFitness can help design the layout of your gym to maximise space.


Trend #2: Pod training takes centre stage

There’s been a growing shift towards functional training pods on the gym floor.

At a basic level this means a rack with integrated storage that contains a range of accessories and attachments that allows a full training session to take place.

Pod training makes on the gym floor personal and small group training easy. At peak times when specific equipment may be in use by members. The functional pod can provide a full and varied workout in one space.

Operators are also looking for a complete storage pod that incorporates a touch screen that delivers digital training. These options are all possible to create a more effective and engaging training space.

The ability to incorporate selectorised stack into racks and storage means that a training individual really can carry out their entire session without having to move away from the single pod.

Take Nuffield Health for example. IndigoFitness have designed and installed a functional pod for Nuffield Health that can provide on demand workouts by touching the screen.

2327 FunctionalPod A 03
2327 FunctionalPod A 01 1

Trend #3: Multi-use studios

Gym goers love classes. Millions across the UK are participating in classes to get a good session in, learn new skills and meet new people.

The concept of using a studio for more than one class is not groundbreaking. But with space at a premium, is your studio space as smart and versatile as it could be?

Having access to different types of equipment in one studio can be a barrier to creating an exciting schedule packed with a variety of classes.

IndigoFitness have started to tackle this ultimate muti-use gym studio concept. Taking strength, HIIT, combat, cycle, yoga, and every potential revenue generating class in one changeable space.

Take a closer look:

Studio Concept Render 3
Studio Concept Render 4 1 1
Studio Concept Render 2 1

Trend #4: Outdoor fitness is less seasonal

Training outside has been shown to have positive effects on well-being. But is this only ideal for British summer time and the odd day in between?

Outdoor training is progressing and there are less limits with modern solutions that can achieve an indoor environment outside.

Shipping containers and canopy sheltered, lit training areas now promote outdoor fitness 365 days a year. These improved training spaces, are a huge selling point for operators and remove the barriers previously associated with outdoor training, increasing engagement, and can create a real community and hub.

Compared to building or renting indoor gym space, setting up an outdoor gym can be more cost-effective and require less maintenance.

Abbey Stadium Outdoor Fitness Solution by IndigoFitness.

Trend #5: Enter Red light training

Red light therapy is becoming increasingly popular during training for improve muscle performance and endurance during exercise and reduce muscle soreness and recovery time.

A study taken during a running test measured variables including rate of perceived exertion, running efficiency, speed, total time-to-exhaustion, and total distance covered. The group of runners experienced significantly higher performance in these measurements compared to no red light therapy.

Essentially, red light therapy uses low-level light in the red and near-infrared spectrum to penetrate the skin and stimulate cell growth, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation and pain.

In 2023, we predict more research to take place before red light training hits the mainstream. One to watch!

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Get in touch to discuss how Indigo Fitness can include these design ideas in your training space.

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