What are the benefits of a non-motorised curved treadmill?

Published: 11 Nov, 2021
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We were recently asked by a client why we recommended a non-motorised treadmill for a group-x and functional training space. The simple answer is that they require no mains power, no real set up time, are portable, and make a sensible addition or variant to HIIT training sessions that also use airbikes, rowers, and ski-ergs. However, that’s not the whole story.

No motor = no limits!

Non-motorized treadmills have been a staple across elite training environments for over 15 years. That’s because just about every team sport requires high-speeds, and more importantly acceleration – something that is repeated over and over throughout a game. Using a motorised treadmill, the athlete is limited by how quickly they can adjust the controls, as well as the time is takes for the belt to reach the required speed. Additionally, the passive motion of the leg being drawn backwards by the already moving belt reduces the work done in the hip extensor muscles. Non-motorised treadmills don’t suffer from these drawbacks, and more realistically replicate the physiological demands of real-world running.

With these benefits in mind, we have developed our own non-motorised, curved treadmill – the RAZE Renegade Runner.

Advantages of the RAZE Renegade Runner

  • Moves as fast as the athlete
  • Rate of acceleration is not limited, nor is max sprinting speed
  • Allows rapid changes of speed
  • 6 levels of resistance – so as well as jogging and sprinting, it can also deliver similar training effects to sled towing, running uphill, and parachute training

Find out more about the RAZE Renegade Runner by clicking the link to the RAZE website below.

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