Construction fixings – why are they important?

Published: 11 Nov, 2021
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Over the last decade, the type of equipment being installed and used within the gym environment has changed radically, with training rigs and racks now being part of the mainstream. However, this change in equipment necessitates a change in approach to installation. Many of the rack and rig systems are not free-standing and require fixing to walls, floors, or even ceilings. But how do you know your walls and floors are strong enough to take the load imposed by equipment and training activity, or know that equipment has been securely fixed? The consequences of failure can be serious and costly.

At IndigoFitness, our installation engineers are trained in the selection of fixing methods and types as well as the professional installation and testing of fixings. They hold independent accreditation for this in accordance with British Standard 8539:2012 “Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry”. We use specialist equipment and software during the testing process, with data automatically captured by GPS and recorded with location, date/time stamp, and installation images, all producing a record of the work undertaken.

We have invested in both staff training and testing equipment to provide our clients with peace of mind that our equipment is installed to a high standard, and that we deliver safe training environment.

Next time you are choosing a supplier to work with on your gym design, gym flooring, or training space installation, ask whether they’ll be using appropriate construction fixings and conducting tests as part of their installation process. If they aren’t, think about why not, and what that means about the quality of solution you may receive.

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