Gym Flooring: The Ultimate Guide to the Foundation of Every Training Space

Published: 24 Feb, 2022
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Flooring underpins everything you will do in your gym, but it’s an area that’s often overlooked.

When designing a training space, the approach should always be from the ground up, floor first.

Getting your gym flooring right will set the tone for the rest of your space and allow you to build a safe and effective environment.

Introducing Move HQ

Move HQ is a new, 17,000 ft² fitness and elite performance facility. Gary Oleinik, sales director at IndigoFitness, and Move HQ founder Mark Munroe collaborated to create this environment to deliver modern training and elite sports performance. Starting with the gym flooring.

The flooring at Move HQ played an instrumental part of the whole gym design concept. Each area within the gym has a flooring product perfectly suited to the specific training taking place there.

Move HQ Flooring Solutions

It has long been a tradition in the UK that racks are perimeter/wall based, keeping the central floor space clear for other smaller items or open multi-

  • All lifting areas are covered by 32mm DuraTRAIN performance tiles. These are perfect for protecting the sub-floor from weights being dropped, as well as the bars and bumpers being used by athletes and clients.
  • The key to successful installation during this project was achieving a completely level floor height of 32mm using floor coverings that varied from 10mm to 32mm. The integration of these different types of flooring solutions, along with the appropriate underlay and installation methods, makes this facility one of a kind within the UK fitness industry.
  • RAZE Graphix platforms were installed in all rack and Olympic lifting areas.

Flooring is the most critical element to get right first time. Mistakes with flooring can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming to correct once your gym is open and operational.

Don’t just think visual impact. Your gym flooring must be functional for the training style.

How to select the most appropriate gym flooring?

To help select the most appropriate flooring types and installation methods:

  1. Seek a professional site survey and installation service.
  2. Work with recognised brands in the industry.
  3. Indigo Fitness has an expert team that can take you through the options and help select the most appropriate flooring solutions.

Get in touch if you want to create an intelligent training space but aren’t sure where to start!

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