Inside one of the best luxury gyms in London

Published: 8 Sep, 2022
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The luxury gym scene continues to thrive with a focus on creating experiences for members. The boutique fitness space has to be a world class training facility right from the Instagram moment in reception through to the plush changing rooms.

The gym design process has to capture the intended experience of the trainers delivering quality personal training and the members who are investing in a premium service.


Let’s look inside Matt Roberts Evolution Gym, a luxury training space that you can find in Knightsbridge.

Luxury gym in London

Layout for this Luxury GYM

The design process started with the main floor. First-class personal training is at the heart of the Matt Roberts brand. Creating an open floor space with distinct training areas was crucial for the flexibility of both PT’s and clients.

The gym flooring is the most important feature to get right. The demand from physical activity, strength training with weights and frequent footfall into the gym means the floor should be specified according to functional activity and performance in each area.

The room was divided into two with one side fitted with 32mm duraTRAIN premium flooring, and the other, an open pilates studio with a walkway running down the spine leading to treatment rooms and changing rooms.

best luxury gym in london
Functional Training Space.
Pilates Area.


A high end boutique gym must include premium gym equipment. The custom design elements at Matt Roberts make a huge difference to the overall finish and quality of this visually stunning training space.

The understated finishes to the kit make this space the premium club that Matt Roberts envisioned and had confidence that IndigoFitness could create.

The core design feature from an equipment point of view, was the bespoke functional rig. The rig provides a central storage hub for all small equipment and provides a natural boundary between the gym and pilates studio and maximises functionality in the space available.

The bespoke rig.
Plate loaded stations.

The half racks have been designed to be as shallow to the wall as possible to maximise floor space. They also have glute drive and band peg attachments for added functionality.

Unique products make all the difference to a boutique gym. The Gungnir 20KG Allrounder Olympic bar has built-in collars providing a unique collarless lifting experience. From the first touch the SlideLock™ technology makes for a safer, tidier and more user-friendly weight lifting experience.

Half racks.
Gungnir bar.

The Gungnir bars is a quality touch point that members and clients come into contact with at every area throughout the facility. This provides another great experience and that’s what separates these luxury facilities from others.

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