Why do we carry out moisture testing before installing gym flooring?

Published: 11 Nov, 2021
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When there is too much moisture present, laying gym flooring has the potential to cause significant problems for you in the future. The screed or concrete can look dry and suitable, but the only way to 100% know if the sub floor is dry enough is to conduct a hygrometer moisture test, which measures the relative humidity of the air in contact with the floor. This is particularly important with regards to gym flooring materials that require bonding to sub-floors such as rolled rubber, and artificial turf and tracks. The IndigoFitness installation team conduct this test as part of our standard process, guaranteeing a high standard of fitting and a quality gym flooring result.

Next time you are choosing a supplier to work with on your gym flooring, ask whether they’ll be conducting a moisture test as part of their pre-installation process. If they aren’t, think about why not, and what that means about the quality of solution you may receive.

As well as advising on types and styles of gym flooring, we are also able to offer guidance and support on wider flooring subjects such as sub-floor construction, preparation, screed and levelling compound types, and alternative methods to prepare or stabilise floors. We’re happy to be brought in during the very early planning stages of a project, working with you and your construction partners, to ensure you get the correct solution.

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