Top Takeaways from ‘The Gym of the Future’ panel at PerformX

Published: 28 Mar, 2024
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Top Takeaways from ‘The Gym of the Future’ panel at PerformX

Looking to futureproof your business? Last week in a leadership panel at PerformX, industry titans delved deep into the topics shaping tomorrow’s gyms, both on and off the gym floor.

Straight from industry experts. 🤝

We’ve summarised what the top takeaways are, so you can consider incorporating them into your gym strategy.


  • Rob Coleman, IndigoFitness
  • Fabrizio Cecchinelli, Technogym
  • Joie Risk, Sunlighten
  • Gordon Cunningham, Vivobarefoot
  • Jo Seldon, Nuffield Health

Trend Spotlight: The Rise of Recovery

Recap: Recovery spaces have come a very long way. And will continue to do so. As people are becoming more educated and understand their want and need to recover. They are actively seeking out ways to recover as quickly as possible. However they do not want to go looking for a separate facility. Ideally this recovery set up will be situated in their own gym facility. Gym owners should make sure their spaces are fit for purpose, so the consumer can identify a dedicated space.

There is a focus on wellness on an exponential level.

Takeaway: ‘Recovery’ could become the next ‘functional’

Recap: Much like the definition of functional training is now a grey area. A buzz word that now spans the fitness industry. There is a concern the same could happen with Recovery. Many products in a space that nobody knows how to use effectively.  There needs to be better education around the recovery process.

Consumer Shifts: There are 4 things shaping consumer

Recap: AI, personalised experience, longevity and health. Focusing on health, by 2040 ‘One in five adults in England will be living with a major disease/illness. There needs to be more education focused on referring people to the gym. And a better understanding of what the fitness industries role is in this. Gyms have a huge opportunity to be thought leaders in the space of longevity.

Innovative Assessments: 3 ways to assess yourself ahead of your fitness journey

Recap: DNA testing is going mainstream. Start on the front foot with training programming and nutrition that’s tailored to genetics. 3D functional movement screening to analyse and assess biomechanics and movement, motor control. Body composition tests to provide useful information about your fitness and health from muscle mass to the metabolic rate.

Community and Collaboration: Building Stronger Gym Ecosystems

Recap: How can the fitness industry use collaboration and partnerships to enhance the member experience. If operators collaborate, they know their demographics and the outcome they want to achieve. Then they consider function first and don’t just buy into a brand. But focus on better results, value and members experience. Win win mindset.

With the loss of social connection that happened due to the ‘C’ word. There is now a huge need to create a space that can maintain social connection. The future gym is not just a gym, it’s an ecosystem for the consumer. Look at all the aspects of an optimal gym environment  and make your decisions based off that. Always keeping the customer in mind. Remember there is a human being in front of you.

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