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Published: 13 Jul, 2022
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Keeping up with the latest technology on the gym floor can be information overload. But it is essential for the modern training experience.

Digitalisation is now at the heart of fitness and gym owners have stiff competition with the fitness app market.

So how can you connect the gym floor to the gym goers digital lifestyle?

Here are three ideas to digitise your gym floor and take your business to the next level:

  1. Transforming the lifting area
  2. Creating community with wearable technology
  3. Connected gym floor

#1: Transforming the lifting area

The fundamentals of strength training haven’t changed. But there has been a shift in who is lifting. Pioneering clubs have helped to promote education around strength training and there are now more lifters than ever across all genders and age groups. This has led to a higher % of gym floor space given to lifting and functional strength areas.

These new era of lifters focus on data-driven training and demand real time feedback on lifts.

Integrating Velocity Based Training (VBT) technology can give clear insight into how you’re lifting, not just what you’re lifting.

The adoption of VBT enables the end user and coaches to train more effectively.

Why integrate VBT?

  • Provide feedback and enhance performance using velocity training zones
  • Autoregulates load
  • Monitors fatigue
  • Assess readiness
  • Track progress
  • Estimate 1RMs
  • Load Velocity Profiling

Which VBT technology?

GymAware is the global leader in VBT solutions. They make premium technologies to measure and track strength training activities in the weights room to facilitate performance improvement.

#2: Creating community with wearable technology

Looking to increase engagement, drive performance and cultivate community, through training and technology that gets members motivated?

Heart rate is the key indicator for the intensity at which your members are working out and recovering. Recent research from the University of Leeds shows that by making effort visible to your members you can increase their happiness and motivation during their workout. By using heart rate zone training you’re basing your members’ workouts on effort, not on ability. This allows for every member of your club to compete on a level playing field, alongside whoever they choose because they’re being judged on their personal effort not their ability. This inclusivity promotes community within the training space.

Why integrate heart rate training?

  • Member retention
  • Community
  • Goal setting
  • Member motivation
  • Gamification

Which heart rate training technology?

Myzone brings fun, fair fitness to clubs and gyms. Rewarding effort over image with an immersive fitness experience that gives people results they can see. Stay connected, organise challenges and create your own community, on the gym floor and outside of the gym.

#3: Connected gym floor

To truly meet these consumer expectations of a digital gym floor, the gym design must be considered. Gym manufacturers will focus on technology integration within racks and rigs and other key vocal points built into every step of a member’s journey.

We have begun to focus our manufacturing more on integrating the above performance technology to create modern training spaces.

Get in touch to discuss technology requirements in your gym.

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