Why Investing in Training Spaces Pays Off: Looking back at Angus Alive

Published: 31 May, 2024
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Why Investing in Training Spaces Pays Off: Looking back at Angus Alive.

Measurable Success 🚀

Reflecting on past project experiences is crucial for continuous improvement and ensuring that the training spaces created by IndigoFitness resonate with members and achieve overall success for the gym. This reflection is particularly valuable for gym owners contemplating their own investments.

In 2022, IndigoFitness was selected as a key partner for the refurbishment of six gym facilities for Angus Alive, embarking on a transformative £900,000 investment program. This program aimed to reimagine training spaces and elevate fitness experiences for the community.

The IndigoFitness refurbishment included redesigning gym layouts and updating equipment to cover strength-based machines, HIIT cardio, free weights, racks, functional rigs, accessory items, and gym flooring. The entire refurbishment program for the six locations was completed within 18 months.

With all six sites now revitalised, we revisited the Angus Alive projects to uncover the success stories and the significant return on investment these developments have brought. The results demonstrate the compelling benefits of investing in gym facilities.

The Stats

#1: Welcoming New Memberships

Nearly 4,000 new bACTIVE memberships were added to Angus Alive systems, showcasing how the community embraced the revamped facilities.

#2: Engaging Young People (18-25 years)

Young Persons membership increased by 10.6%, proving that modern and attractive facilities can draw in younger demographics.

#3: Supporting Older Adults

Live Well memberships rose by 30%, and attendance surged by 73%, highlighting how updated facilities can enhance the fitness experience for older adults.

#4: Boosting General Participation

  • Fitness Suite attendance increased by 60%.
  • Overall Fitness Class attendance jumped by 78%.
  • Eight new fitness suite classes were introduced, showing a demand for diverse workout options.

#5: Enhancing Performance Standards

  • The overall membership base grew by an impressive 70%.
  • Direct debit income rose by 75%.
  • Casual income saw a significant increase of 72%.

#6: Reaching Lower Socio-Economic Groups

Angus Alive hosted open days with free taster sessions, making fitness accessible to all and fostering community engagement.

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Conclusion: The Case for Investment

The significant investment by Angus Alive into their six gyms has not only modernised the training spaces but also dramatically enhanced the fitness experience and demand from members. The impressive increase in memberships, attendance, and income highlights the substantial value of this investment.

For gym owners, these results illustrate the tangible benefits of investing in your facilities. Modern, well-equipped gyms attract more members, increase engagement across various demographics, and drive higher revenue. IndigoFitness celebrates these success stories, showcasing the positive impact on both business performance and community well-being.

As IndigoFitness continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value for our clients, ensuring that every investment translates into significant returns and thriving fitness communities.

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