3 Royal School of Military Engineering


Location: Hampshire, England
Training Space: Military

3 RSME Regment have a mission to deliver well trained and motivated Military Engineers in order to meet the operational requirements of Defence.

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The Situation

Their current training facility was a traditional gymnasium with legacy equipment. The sports hall had no flow and the format for group sessions was neither time or training efficient. The gym equipment was stowed away in lockers, cupboards and containers outside. If a training session was on, it meant others could not utilise the space or equipment.

The Solution

The planned solution was to create an entire space dedicated to strength and conditioning, with a centralised rig running the entire length of the hall.

The first feature to change was the wooden sports flooring. The flooring needed to be high performing for weight lifting to happen everywhere, enduring maximum impact and noise reduction. DuraTRAIN was the chosen performance tile. These are perfect for protecting the sub-floor from weights being dropped as well as the bars and bumpers being used.

To increase efficiencies, we opted to house the plates and barbells within each training bay, so that users didn’t have to walk the gym to find kit. Step up to the training bay training bay and you’re ready to go. This storage solution also allowed all equipment to be accounted for quickly as the colour coded plates are easy to recognise.

The rig that we designed and manufactured was 30m in length. It has 10 squat bays either side, with various pull-up bar options to caters for all including CrossFit programmed kipping and muscle-ups. At each end of the rig, we built in a 5m rope climb and gymnastic ring station.

Small accessory kit such as dumbbells, kettlebells, balls, bands and bags were housed in custom storage units mirrored each side of the hall, feeding both sides of the rig to further improve efficiencies, but also the experience within this new training environment.


The Result

The plan was to turn the project around in under 6-weeks, ready for a British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) team competition. We delivered the project on-time and facilitated a huge fitness competition for tactical athletes, soldier athletes and military fitness to compete simultaneously.

The gym is now filled with strength focussed users, Cross fitters, those in rehab and general population who feel inspired to train in this new, open and efficient arena. The PTIs now spend more time programming and coaching and less time setting up.

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