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Location: Aldershot, England
Training Space: Military 
Website: www.army.mod.uk/who-we-are/corps-regiments-and-units/royal-army-physical-training-corps/

Indigo strength & conditioning shelters have now been installed across numerous prestigious Army Training sites including Army Foundation college Harrogate, Army Training Centre Pirbright, Army Training Regiment Winchester, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Infantry Training Centre Catterick.

Our latest installation completed during the summer of 2022 is the home of the Royal Army Physical Training Instructor in Aldershot the unit that trains the Army Physical Training Instructors of the future.

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The Situation

The British army has a requirement to create semi-permanent physical training infrastructure outside of traditional gym buildings to increase capacity but also deliver enhanced functionality as training requirements have evolved over recent years with a shift towards strength and conditioning. In addition traditional gymnasiums and sports halls were never designed to manage the impact from strength training and liable to rapidly breakdown or should we face a new pandemic as we saw with COVID.

Our latest shelter installation completed during the summer of 2022 is the home of the Royal Army Physical Training Instructor in Aldershot the unit that trains the Army Physical Training Instructors of the future.

The Solution

The large S&C Shelter facilities Indigo create deliver an open, uncluttered Training space 20m wide x 30m length and can be scaled up and down as required allowing PT Staff to effectively and safely control the Training environment for large numbers of soldiers at the same time.

The facilities are designed to support existing Army Assessment, training and testing policies including the SCR (Soldier Conditioning Review) APTS (Army Physical Training System) and RFT’s (Role Fitness Tests).

Under the canopy is a complex build-up of materials finished with duraTRAIN Flooring, our high impact and robust training surface designed for repeated outdoor use and not affected by temperature or UV Light. Each open end of the structure is closed with three trackway mounted powered net doors, independently operated designed to allow air flow but protect against the elements which may be completely drawn back in fine weather conditions creating an all-weather inside out protected and safe training environment. Facilities are mains powered with energy efficient LED Lighting and Infra-red heating all controlled with passive movement detectors. Natural light is maximized with the addition of translucent roof lights across a quarter of the canopy.

The Indigo designed exo-skeleton structures fix to the ISO Containers that allow for a significant array of Rigs, Racks and attachments to be configured. Accessories and equipment are stored on dedicated storage modules located within the insulated and ventilated ISO Containers that also include PIR Controlled lighting.

The unique steel roof canopies are loading bearing, that is they can be loaded with functions and equipment offering significantly greater flexibility and capacity than lightweight tensile fabric type structures.

To the exterior we have installed an all-weather artificial turf surface allowing the Army to conduct tests known as the Repeated lift and carry, Casualty drag and Fire and maneuver. The turf is distance marked to support the testing programme but also to deliver a complete and effective strength and conditioning space to reflect good practice and create an optimal, safe and predictable environment all year round.

Wrapped up within the contract price is a 10 year inclusive warranty package.

The S&C shelter facilities can be positioned on most surfaces. Indigo has clearly defined processes to establish the viability of a proposed location thorough site survey where our team captures levels, ground conditions and drainage, power availability and capacity as well as the potential size of facility that could be installed.

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The Result

The latest Indigo strength & conditioning shelter at Aldershot continues to adapt to the needs of the British Army with its additional developments.  We showcased the ability to test the training environment for large numbers of soldiers at a time holding the British Army Warrior Fitness finals at the facility.


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