Location: Montrose, Scotland
Training Space: Leisure Centre

In early 2022, Indigo Fitness was awarded as a supplier for the refurbishment of 6 fitness facilities for Angus Alive. This included redesigning the gym layout and equipment range covering strength based machines, HIIT cardio, free weights, racks, functional rigs, accessory items and flooring.


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The Situation

The Montrose site is the flagship angusALIVE gym. The space was very traditional and needed an up-to-date refurb to become competitive in the busy coastal town. It was also quite clinicial with lots of white space and needed some personality. 

AngusALIVE facilities are currently popular with the local community, one aim for the new investment is to attract and engage younger generations. As the facilities had not seem much investment in the past 5-8 years, this resulted in them being behind the market trends.

The Solution

Through a period of consultation with ANGUSalive, Indigo Fitness designed innovative space layouts using equipment more in line with the market trends and also integrating new popular spaces on to the gym floor, while not sacrificing any functionality to the space or equipment to the users.

Starting from the ground up, to really transform this facility the gym flooring was the first consideration. We installed 32mm DuraTRAIN rubber flooring tiles to make the environment suitable for strength and functional training.

The training zones consisted of Strength, Functional Training and Fixed Resistance and Cardio. These distinct training areas maximise floor space and give each area a clear identity.

We designed a connected half rack including integrated storage and dual cable machine to create a functional training area. This includes 2 Graphix Inset Platforms personalised with ANGUSalive branding and the blue branding to strengthen the brand identity across angusALIVE sites. On the other side of the racks we also supplied HIIT cardio machines including RAZE Renegade Airbikes, Runners and Concept2 SkiErgs.

We also supplied plate loaded single station strength machines, custom coloured, a variety of functional and strength accessory items.

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Flooring Solutions:


Personalised Graphix Inset Platforms.


32mm DuraTRAIN premium rubber gym flooring tiles.

Equipment Solutions:


Connected racks, integrated storage and dual cable machine. 


RAZE Plate Loaded 


RAZE Strength equipment – including PU dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bumper plates. 


RAZE Renegade HIIT Cardio  – including AirBike and Runners.


Concept2 SkiErg

The Result

Indigo Fitness worked in partnership with other market leaders (Life Fitness, Hutchinson Technologies and Myzone) to support the upgrade of the facilities, which resulted in a bright, inviting space which is now contending with modern training trends and making better use of space.


Hear from ANGUSalive Senior Manager, Iain Stevens on their journey with IndigoFitness.

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