Bradfield College Training Facility

Founded in 1850 and set in picturesque Berkshire countryside, Bradfield College aims to provide an ‘education for life’ fit for the 21st century.

IndigoFitness completed a re-fit of their strength and conditioning facilities, incorporating a lifting area and sled track, and finished the equipment in the college colour scheme of blue and white with Bradfield College logos applied to the benches and lifting platforms.

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“In order to progress our provision for our aspirational athletes as well as our more recreational athletes, we needed a performance space for these pupils to develop physically. On top of this, we wanted somewhere which could accommodate squads of 12-15 athletes if needed…

Charlie Ellison – Head of Sports Performance, Bradfield College

The Result

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…An old common room was chosen to be converted into our new gym, the design proposed by IndigoFitness was fantastic, and it has been a revelation at the college ever since – really changing the culture and the way the school looks at the preparation of athletes. We are now able to push those who wish to take their sport as far as they can, but also equip the wider pupil body with training skills and knowledge for life.”

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