Indigo Fitness Completes Installation of 4 Strength Training Suites for the French Ski Federation

Located in the heart of the French Alps, at the Olympic Park in Albertville, the National Center of Ski and Snowboard (CNSS) was officially opened on Saturday, June 4, by Martine Berthet, Mayor of Albertville, and Michel Vion, President of the French Ski Federation.

Dedicated to the physical preparation and rehabilitation of high-level athletes, this state-of-the-art sports complex features a gymnasium, four strength training rooms, an evaluation room, three athletic halls, and a “jump room” with an 8-meter ramp and “acrobatic pit” reserved especially for freestylers and snowboarders. Plus, there are cryotherapy and physiotherapy facilities to help with recovery.

After completion of the tender process, Indigo Fitness was chosen as the supplier of equipment for the four strength training rooms. Our long history of working in performance sports, and ability to design and manufacture custom training equipment to meet the needs of the French Ski Federation were highlighted as key success factors.

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The Solution

The four strength rooms each had a slightly different target user, from young trainees right up to first team skiers, and as such each had a slightly different equipment requirement. The centre-piece of each room was a customised Multirig Dual (link to webpage) – ideal for training a large group using relevant functional movements. The rig was complemented with various pieces of strength equipment, from RAZE Premium power racks and platforms to plate loaded and selectorised stations. Each room was also kitted out with RAZE strength and conditional equipment, such as Black Series and Elite Series plates and bars, plyo boxes, grip plates and battle ropes.

The Result

The Indigo team also completed the installation in Albertville, which began by sending 4 articulated lorry loads full of equipment, followed by a team of 4 engineers. The whole installation took 5 days and the French Ski Federation and their athletes were very pleased with the final results.
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