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Name: Chelsie Giles
Sport: Judo

Chelsie is a world-class Judo Athlete and Olympic Bronze medallist representing Team GB Judo. She will be competing at the top of her game this year, determined to rank and qualify for 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

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It’s well known that many Olympic sports and athletes are under resourced in the UK.  Chelsie will provide us with the opportunity to make a difference. Offering additional support to a young Olympian Judoka through exposure to some of the most current and credible Sports Science technology available. Providing real-time feedback, designed to further develop and measure strength, speed, power and movement whilst reducing the risk of injury.

At IndigoFitness, we have both the tools and knowledge to provide guidance on how to train differently, effectively and specifically in order to perform optimally and stay injury free. Chelsie and her coach Wayne Lakin, formally an exceptional UK Judo player himself, will have anytime access to our facilities and equipment as well as providing additional equipment to their existing training facility, presenting opportunities not previously open to them. 

Installed within our HQ training space is now a significant array of assessment and human movement measurement technologies not currently available to Chelsie. We can push Chelsie to her limits and genuinely support her through different equipment, training environment and stimulus in her quest for future Olympic success.


‘I’m really excited to be working with an athlete that has a partnership with indigo fitness. I feel we are now unstoppable! The dedication and approach Indigo offer always fits the athlete’s needs.’

Wayne Lakin, Chelsie’s S&C Coach

Ask the Athlete

We ask Chelsie some questions to find out who and what is behind a world-class Judo Athlete and Olympic medallist.

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