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Location: St Albans, England
Training Space: Boutique Fitness Studio

Move Well is a high-end, state-of-the-art group training space. Created to provide fitness and wellness needs in one outstanding environment.

The Situation

The aim of this project was to convert an old activity hall into a boutique fitness studio, creating the same buzz and community focused attitude as key city hotspots. The brief was to create two distinct training spaces, one based around HIIT circuits and marked training areas and the other a strength and conditioning lifting area with multiple stations.

The Solution

The original idea proposed by Move Well was to install a partition wall to divide the two training spaces. This is where our design expertise and custom manufacturing capabilities really came to the fore. We custom designed a double sided rig and storage unit to separate the two training spaces. This allowed for increased functionality whilst also saving on space and reducing the claustrophobic feel that the partition wall would have introduced.

It was fundamental to get the flooring right first. An initial focus on getting the correct layout and flow can maximise your space and functionality. We used different flooring to give each training space its own identity. The HIIT training space was divided using custom manufactured Paviflex flooring which contained a black and orange fleck, orange line markings and an orange Move Well logo to both divide the area and maintain the look, feel and brand identity.

The Strength & Conditioning training space includes a custom turf track running up the centre of the room. This uniquely has the MOVE logo repeated all the way up. The track is not only functional but a real statement piece. This sits within 32mm Duratrain impact flooring, protecting the sub-floor from weights being dropped and reducing sound and vibration being transferred to near neighbours.

A wide range of high quality kit had to be selected including a 5m long RAZE Zenith Series Rig incorporated into the storage. This spans the whole S&C space whilst keeping the floor underneath completely clear. Either side of this rig are 4 RAZE Shadow Series Half Racks which provide the training stations for this area.

There is also a small additional PT area. We custom manufactured a Dual Adjustable Pulley to a height that would sit perfectly in the space. This area also includes, a plate loaded Iso Lever Squat, and a selectorised leg extension/curl combo providing more function in a small space.

The Success

Move Well is an illustration of what a customer with exacting standards and an eye for detail, combined with Indigo’s design and manufacturing capabilities can truly achieve.

“Tom and team IndigoFitness have been a real pleasure to work with.

We at Move Well, had a very specific requirement for our custom gym design.

The quality of the machining and the choice of colours and upholstery has allowed us to create an awesome space, even complete with our very own Move Well branded gym flooring.



Phil Jones, Owner, Move Well
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