IndigoFitness creates Corporate Training Hub for Game Changer Performance

Established in elite sports, Game Changer Performance (GCP) have been working at the forefront of human performance since 2016, combining talent, research, and science to maximise human potential, with exceptional results. They are currently working with over 65 professional teams including Premier League, EFL, F1 and several national governing bodies and businesses throughout the UK.
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The Situation

GCP were looking to launch a new corporate wellbeing service aimed at enabling businesses to improve the health of their workforce, and needed a high-performance equipment provider to complement their tailored multi-disciplinary offering. IndigoFitness were identified as a stand-out candidate in this regard and were selected to partner GCP and provide a showroom that would illustrate exactly what can be achieved in an everyday office space. One of the keys to the brief was that the solution needed to be straightforward and modular, something that could be picked up and dropped into any office around the country.

The Solution

The space we designed for GCP is based around the training programs they provide for their clients. It can be broken down into four ‘pods’, each focusing on different pillars of health: Mobility, Conditioning, Strength, and Cardio.
The Mobility and Conditioning pods are centered around our Monster storage system, each accommodating the necessary equipment and functionality required by each pod. Attached to the conditioning pod is a ‘Limitless Solo’ with a sliding mass adjustable weight – a product that enables a huge variety of exercises without the requirement for a bar and plates. Both pods are linked by a set of wall bars, providing another attachment point for stretching and band work.

The Strength pod utilises the RAZE Shadow series rack and storage range, with a half rack positioned centrally and storage bays flanking it, linking to height adjustable cable columns either side.

Being aimed at the corporate market, the ability to customise and brand the training space was a key factor. Therefore, we chose PaviFLEX Pro Eco flooring as it allows for logos to be incorporated – and for GCP we positioned their logo in the centre of the floor space. All the pods feature laser cut joining plates displaying the GCP logo and the name of the pod, and the upholstery on the adjustable bench also has the logo.

The Result

GCP have a showroom that links their training approach and programming with a first-class equipment offering, allowing them to take a full solution to market and bring their elite sport levels of health and performance to corporate clients.

Game Changer Performance director Jake Keeling explained: “Taking inspiration from the work we do in elite sport, we bring the latest scientific principles, performance methods and kit to your workplace; designing and installing the very best functional equipment normally reserved for elite team training centres.”

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