IndigoFitness creates new training space for Firehouse Fitness in Sheffield

Firehouse Fitness was founded in 2013 by former firefighter Rob McGuigan. Rob wanted to inspire a fitness community by delivering a group training experience that combined his firefighter training methods with his firefighter team values – a communal, supportive and inclusive way to train, the Firehouse way. The formula found success, and by 2019 there were gyms in Leeds and Sheffield and a growing team of personal trainers.

The Situation

Looking to expand their presence in Sheffield, Rob came to IndigoFitness with a vision of creating a new, larger, facility that built on the values and experiences they had established. They were very clear that as well as providing a facility for their members that catered for all their training requirements, they also wanted to retain the ethos of hard work and community feeling.

With such a strong and clear vision, it made sense for IndigoFitness to invite the Firehouse team into the heart of the design process. This consisted of a series of meetings, where different ideas were discussed and layouts and equipment mixes were changed around, all supported with the latest in 3D design software so the Firehouse team could visualise exactly what each idea would look like.

The Solution

This consultative design process eventually led to the creation of the ‘Drill Yard’ – a large functional group training area that serves as the main focal point of the facility and captures that special Firehouse community spirit. The Drill Yard measures 18m x 11m and is covered with artificial turf – giving them a multi-functional surface that can be used for a wide range of activities such as their unique Drill, Accelerant and Firefight classes. The Drill Yard also houses a 16m long custom designed functional rig that features squat stations, punch bags stations, and ball targets, to really provide a full-service functional training solution.

Whilst keen to ensure much of the facility was as multi-functional as possible, they still wanted to offer a dedicated strength area. They were able to choose equipment from the wide range of IndigoFitness in-house manufactured selectorised and plate loaded stations, plus specialist items such as half racks with integrated lifting platforms, GHDs, a prone row bench and belt squat. As a designer and manufacturer, IndigoFitness were able to create all the custom elements, and finish the equipment in a custom colour scheme that tied in with the Firehouse Fitness brand image.

30mm thick rubber tiles were the flooring choice for the strength areas, and the gym was finished with a selection of RAZE training equipment such as Olympic plates and bars, kettlebells, PU dumbells, plyo boxes and five Renegade Runners.

The Success

Indigo are very proud to have worked with the Firehouse Fitness team on this project and provided a full 360° solution – covering initial consultation and design, flooring solutions, custom designed equipment, and complete install. The result is a fantastic training space that delivers on the original goal of creating a communal, supportive and inclusive way to train – the Firehouse Way!
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