IndigoFitness overhaul functional area for Feelfit Gym

Feelfit Gym in Cowley, Oxford, is the City’s largest gym with over 30,000 sq. ft. spread over 2 floors. They took advantage of the lockdown period to renovate and refresh, with the goal of creating something new and exiting in time for when they could welcome members back.

Feelfit’s functional area was dated and uninspiring, with a standalone rig, separate storage units and worn out track. Being near the entrance it was a valuable space but, was underused by members and did not provide the club with the engagement or ‘wow factor’ they thought it deserved.

The Situation

Their brief was to create a functional training and group class area that would provide a strong first impression, acting as a selling point when recruiting new members, and provide inspiration for both trainers and members alike.

The owners also wanted to find a way to make the space feel separate from the rest of the gym, while still having it largely open on one side. A walkway around the left edge of the space lead to the MMA and boxing facility but people would walk across the corner of the functional space because there was no obvious divide.

The Solution

The clubs’ original plan to combat this was to install a partition wall between the training area and the walkway, however we saw an opportunity to incorporate this into the design of the equipment without the need for building a wall. We proposed using the rig / storage system to create the divide, because as well as allowing the space to feel more open, it would derive a functional benefit of additional storage space and enable us to incorporate training equipment along it – such as wall bars, a Nordic attachment, a dip attachment, a Revvll rope trainer, and a hi / low pulley.

Having our own design team and manufacturing facility allows us to provide bespoke solutions that really are designed specifically to fit in the space available, and work with it in terms of maximizing functionality. The training rig we designed also exemplifies this principle – it covers the full length of the space with legs that are at the perimeter of the room, maximizing floor space. A 12m long continuous run of monkey bars occupies the centre of the training space, with throw targets and wings on one side and a sliding punchbag rail, holding 4 bags, on the other. The sliding rail feature enables the punchbags to be rolled out when in use and then returned to the corner when not, freeing up the whole floor space under the rig.

We have surrounded the custom rig and storage with complimentary HIIT cardio pieces; two Concept II Ski Ergs fixed to the pillar, two Renegade Airbikes, and two Renegade Runners. Their positioning means they can easily be incorporated into the group classes or used on an individual basis.

Underneath all the equipment is a large piece of bespoke turf, designed and marked out to match the various elements of the rig, and make programming for classes that much easier.

The Success

This functional space goes above and beyond the original brief provided by the customer and truly does provide a ‘wow factor’ for anyone entering the gym. Most importantly we have created an incredible training space that truly demonstrates what custom designed and manufactured equipment can achieve, with benefits delivered for Feelfit’s owners, their members, and their personal trainers.
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