Location: Knightsbridge, London
Training Space: Boutique gym

Matt Roberts Evolution is one of the best luxury gyms in London. IndigoFitness continued their strong working relationship with Matt Roberts, fitting out their second permanent site in London, following on from their flagship site in Grosvenor Square in 2019.


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The Situation

The key element Matt Roberts were looking for was creativity. Each Matt Roberts spaces is unique and they came to IndigoFitness to bring their creative challenges to life.

The brief for the Knightsbridge gym was to maximise floorspace working with the architecture of the building to keep an open plan feel. The space had to have a premium finish and meet the minimalist style that Matt Roberts’ spaces always require.

The Solution

The design process started with the main floor. This was divided into two with one side fitted with 32mm duraTRAIN premium flooring, and the other, an open pilates studio with a walkway running down the spine leading to treatment rooms and changes rooms.

The core design feature from an equipment point of view, was the bespoke functional rig. This was designed to perfectly fit between two central pillars and also provides precisely enough space for an in built 1.2m wide artificial turf track to run underneath.

The bespoke rig provides a central storage hub for all small equipment and provides a natural boundary between the gym and pilates studio. The rig also features a full length monkey bar run, multiple pull up grips, suspension training points, grapplers, and a Shadow Series Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) incorporated to maximise functionality in the space available.

At one end of the Matt Roberts space are the plate loaded stations. This area is equipped to target all the main lower body exercises. This includes a Bi-lateral Leg Press, Iso-lever leg extension, Iso-lever standing leg curl, and finally the brand new plate loaded Glute Drive station.

At the other end of the space are two custom designed Zenith half racks with the plate storage removed and relocated on the walls to the side. The half racks have been designed to be as shallow to the wall as possible to maximise floor space. They also have glute drive and band peg attachments for added functionality. To the left of the rack are the Zenith PU dumbbells housed on a shadow series storage rack with Zenith adjustable benches in front.

Surrounding all of the above elements are large amounts of open floor space to create the flexibility for both PTs and clients to carry out their sessions.

DSC5344 1
DSC5300 1

Flooring Solutions:


32mm duraTRAIN premium tiles.


In built 1.2m wide artificial turf track.

Equipment Solutions:


Bespoke functional rig


Shadow Series Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP)


Custom Zenith half racks


RAZE Plate Loaded – Bi-lateral Leg Press, Iso-lever leg extension, Iso-lever standing leg curl and Glute Drive station.


RAZE Strength equipment – including PU dumbbells, Shadow series bumper plates.


Gungnir Olympic All-rounder Collarless Barbell

The Result

The custom design elements make a huge difference to the overall finish and quality of this visually stunning training space. The understated finishes make this space the premium club that Matt Roberts envisioned and had confidence that IndigoFitness could create.

We caught up with Jon Roberts, Director at Matt Roberts Personal Training to learn what it means to collaborate with IndigoFitness.

What do Matt Roberts look for when selecting suppliers and partners? 

The key elements we look for from our suppliers and partners is creativity. We like to be able to make each of our spaces unique and that takes partners who can react to our challenges and be as creative as we are when we design spaces.

How was the process of working with IndigoFitness on this project?

We have now done several projects with Indigo from small house gyms for some of our clients to large installations for our own sites. Being able to use Indigo as our main project supplier makes life so much easier and it doesn’t pigeon hole us to using one brand as Indigo co-ordinate all the suppliers for us. The design team down to the install team have been a pleasure to work with and get better and better over the years we have worked with them.

How does the customisation IndigoFitness provide impact the training space?

The ability to have a British company that design and manufacture in the UK is really important to us. It gives us the ability to go to town on designing spaces knowing that we can bespoke all the range to fit with our needs. The team take feedback and re-engineer pieces for us and we can really make a space our own. No other brand has ever given me the ability to make a space as unique as Indigo has.

Jon Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Personal Training



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