Location: South East London, England.
Training Space: Elite sports performance

Millwall Football Club came to IndigoFitness to design and build their new sports performance facility for their first team and academy teams. The goal of the facility was to maximise usable space to facilitate large squads so that coaching staff can deliver on sports specific training programmes for the Championship team.

The Situation

This performance facility would be a central point of rehabilitation and treatment, performance and strength & conditioning for Millwall F.C. The space was limited and we were challenged to keep every component of a full size training space. This included a cardio section, cable section, dumbbell section, rig, rack and a turf track.

The club also had limited budget to play with. Indigo worked closely with the head of performance to creatively work out how to maximise the budget. This included taking their old gym kit away which provided them with more capital to spend on equipment and storage solutions within the facility.

The Solution

To optimise the training space available, we made a bespoke and custom rig storage system. This allowed dead space between the racks to be used for storage of small kit. We also added clever attachments to the rigs and racks to allow multiple working stations for a full team training at the same time. The rig is completely custom and includes the Millwall F.C. branding throughout the lifting and storage stations. The back wall space is completely utilised and the area can stay safe and tidy during training with a storage solution for everything.

The flooring was an important part of the training facility design for both performance and identity. The blue 15m turf track with line markings has a strong identity with the Millwall club colours and allows for sled and acceleration work. This is sunk into Enduratile 30mm performance floor to endure the impact of weights, sub floor protection and acoustic dampening.

We also reconfigured current kit into the design plan so there was an open space feel with designated training zones.  

The Success

IndigoFitness were able to provide intelligent bespoke equipment selection to give Millwall F.C. a full gym refurbishment right within budget. Every piece of equipment chosen for the gym had an impact and would improve the overall training space. We created an open training space solution with limited space and the coaching staff are able to train the teams in groups, sports specifically.

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