Move HQ

Location: Reading, England
Training Space: Fitness and Elite Performance  

Move HQ is a 17,000 square foot gym/elite performance centre with fully accredited strength & conditioning coaches offering performance based training for everyone.

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The Situation

The aim of this project was to convert an existing soft play facility into an elite performance centre.  Move HQ Founder, Mark Munroe has a background in elite sports performance and a wealth of experience in the health and fitness industry. Mark wanted to work collaboratively with IndigoFitness to create the perfect training environment that would meet the needs of elite level coaches, athletes and the general public. This challenged IndigoFitness to create an intelligent space that focussed on Strength and Movement. 

The Solution

When designing a facility that is very spacious, it’s important not fill the space with kit. Working closely with Mark we understood that the clients will need to execute specific training plans individually, alongside coach led group training sessions and have room to move. We created several distinct training zones to allow this to happen which included a three lane 35m sprint track, 250M² turf athletic movement area and 100M² pre-activation and recovery area.

It was also crucial to provide high quality equipment that would meet the needs of an elite athlete. We designed and manufactured tailor-made equipment to perfectly fit around the training zones, this included, 6 Olympic lifting stations with integrated branded Move HQ platforms. and a bespoke RAZE Shadow Series Rig that includes a high bar, muscle up bars, landmine points, 6 x lifting bay, TRX points and vertical wall bars

The flooring at Move-HQ played an instrumental part of the whole gym design concept. We chose to install a selection of flooring solutions so that each area within the gym has a flooring product perfectly suited to it’s training purpose.

Olympic lifting stations with integrated branded Move HQ platforms


Three lane 35m sprint track

DSC8396 1

Bespoke RAZE Shadow Series Rig

move rig

RAZE Zenith Series Half Racks


Flooring Solutions:


All lifting areas are covered by 32mm DuraTRAIN performance tiles. These are perfect for protecting the sub-floor from weights being dropped as well as the bars and bumpers being used by athletes and clients.


The key to successful installation during this project was achieving a completely level floor height of 32mm while using floor coverings that varied from 10mm-32mm. The integration of these different types of flooring solutions, along with the appropriate underlay and installation methods, makes this facility one of a kind within the UK fitness industry.


RAZE Graphix platforms where installed in all rack and Olympic lifting areas.

Equipment Solutions:


4 RAZE Zenith Series Half Racks 


4 RAZE Zenith Series Back2Back Racks


6 Olympic lifting stations with integrated  branded Graphix platforms


Bespoke RAZE Shadow Series Rig


Various RAZE plate loaded machines including hack squat and iso leg


RAZE Strength equipment – including PU dumbbells, PU Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Soft Plyometric Boxes, Olympics bars and Bumpers  


Cardio provision that includes RAZE Renegade runners and air bikes, Watt Bike Pro’s and Concept2 ski ergs and rowers

The Result

This one of a kind facility has now opened its doors to a new membership offering them an array of high end strength and conditioning equipment and all the room to move.   

We are proud to have created the perfect environment and bring Move HQ Founder, Mark Munroe’s vision to life. It’s great to hear that Mark was also impressed with the whole experience:

Hear from the move hq founder  

Move leg equipment
DSC8479 1
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