MOVE WELL – Northwood
converted bank to high street gym 


Location: Northwood, England
Training Space: Small group PT

Move Well are growing. This time they are renewing confidence in the high street bringing small group personal training to Northwood. From converted bank to high street gym. 

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The Situation

As with the first Move Well site they love to challenge our ability to transform spaces. Move Well’s second site in Northwood on first viewing was an old high street bank with existing counter and a rabbit run of back offices. The IndigoFitness brief was to create three distinct training spaces; the main small group PT space; HIIT Cardio group training and a yoga studio.

The Solution

Small Group Personal Training

With the small group PT space,  4 distinct training pods were designed, based around RAZE Shadow Series Half Racks with storage and stacks integrated. Incorporating numerous attachments allowed us to maximise flexible floor space to make programming and running of classes the most efficient it can be. The pods are installed on top of 30mm Enduratile which has integrated into it Move Well’s distinctive custom “MOVE” track design for a seamless floor finish. A central storage hub stores all additional equipment not stored on the pods and a Jacobs Ladder, Leg Press, Vertical Leg Curl, and Ham Glute Bench complete a well rounded offering for when individual PT sessions need to be run.

HIIT Cardio

In the HIIT Cardio group training area, orange fleck Paviflex flooring was chosen to complement Move Well’s brand identity. Concept 2 BikeErg’s and Renegade Airbikes were provided creating a separate dedicated class space away from the main gym floor.

Yoga Studio

The Yoga studio required a completely different look and feel to the rest of the gym, and the Paviflex marble Haya finish tiles were perfect for this. They help to create a high-end calming studio environment and a great space for Yoga.

Move Well Identity

Personalisation and attention to details are always central to any Move Well site. Indigo’s ability to match their exacting standards creates the premium look and feel they require for their members. Frameworks are clear lacquer, showing all the weld and colour imperfections, with purple accents, apart from on their single station equipment where an orange main frame brought some real colour to the space.

Custom laser cut Move Well logo plates are on all the racks and storage and a different custom logo is used for the upholstery colours. The custom Move track is the centre piece of the entire gym and leaves you in no doubt that you are in a Move Well gym.

Movewell 149
Movewell 155

Flooring Solutions:


EnduraTile 30mm – Black


Custom Turf Track


PaviFLEX – Orange Fleck


PaviFLEX marble Haya finish tiles

Equipment Solutions:


Training pods based around RAZE Shadow Series Half Racks with storage and stacks integrated.


Rack attachments including Grappler, Adjustable Dip, Jammer Arms. 


Shadow Adjustable benches.


RAZE Strength equipment – including Leg Press, Leg Curl, Shadow Series Glute / Ham Bench R Sport Barbells, Hex dumbbells, PU Kettlebells, Wall Balls, Slam Balls.


Concept2 BikeErg


Jacobs Ladder

The Result

These projects show just what is possible in the transformation of a disused space into a high end small group PT facility, with Indigo’s ability to design, manufacture, install, and completely manage projects from start to finish.


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