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RAF Fairford

Working alongside our US partner, McFall Consulting, we recently manufactured and installed a RAZE 20’ Tactical Box for the US Air Force. The RAZE Tactical Box is the ideal team training solution, providing the base for functional, movement-based training for sporting and military personnel. Developed using shipping containers, the Tactical Box can be safely shipped to any destination in the world. All the training equipment, including the rig and climbing station is stored inside, and can be built up and ready for action in as little as 45 minutes. Additionally, all the exterior training frames are galvanized for all-weather protection.

The Situation

RAF Fairford is owned by the UK Ministry of Defence and operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Air Force (USAF). It is among the most populated American bases located in the UK and has the longest UK runway, clocking it at 3,046m long.

After consulting with the team at RAF Fairford to ascertain their training requirements, we recommended they added interior and exterior LED lighting – the base operates 24/7/365, and the addition of lighting means their Tactical Box can do as well.

The Solution

The external rig features four lifting stations, three ball target stations, numerous pull up stations, dip, grappler, and rope attachments. On the other side of the container is a 5m rope climb and separate half rack.

The container itself was finished with the crest and logo of the 420th Air Base Squadron of RAF Fairford.

A bit about IndigoFitness and the design of our container-based training systems:

IndigoFitness are strength and conditioning specialists. As with designing standard gym spaces, we apply a consistent theory when looking at outdoor training spaces – starting with primal human movement and incorporating components of stability, strength, power, injury prevention, and recovery. This theory shapes equipment features, accessories, and the small equipment package.

The RAZE container-based training systems are designed and manufactured at our plant in Warwickshire. To maintain high levels of quality and compliance we work to internationally agreed standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, plus construction industry standards CHAS, and we are a Constructionline Gold member.

The Success

As they were looking to store a wide range of accessory equipment inside, we designed a custom storage solution and made sure the container was fully insulated. Insulation controls both temperature and moisture, allowing the kit stored inside to remain in good condition. The alternative is a container that suffers extremes of heat and cold, leading to rapid degradation of any equipment stored inside.

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