Outdoor Training Spaces

After an exhaustive and thorough design and evaluation process Indigo Fitness was awarded a contract to design, deliver, install, and maintain Strength & Conditioning Shelters across numerous Army training sites including AFC Harrogate, ATC Pirbright, ATR Winchester, RMAS and ITC Catterick. HQ RAPTC will follow during summer 2021.

Given the urgency due to the COVID pandemic, unprecedented collaboration between the Indigo design and project teams, HQ RAPTC, HQ ARITC, HQ ITG, DIO, Army Commercial and secure defence infrastructure providers Amey and Compass was achieved in short order fully supported by Home Command.

See the S&C facility we created at ATC Pirbright

Watch the shelter being built

See the shelter in action

The semi-permanent facilities offer broad training utility with expected lifespans of a minimum of 10 years and manage the requirement for additional gym space not fulfilled by existing gymnasium infrastructure, infrastructure never designed for strength and conditioning training.

The S&C shelter is constructed with a steel canopy which is load bearing, allowing significant functionality to be loaded into the roof and external structure such as heave bars (up to 36) and climbing ropes (up to 10). Through the development process the capability was maximized with the addition of AFT(S) features to include loading platforms for the repeated lift and carry and artificial turf lanes, enabling the casualty drag and fire and manoeuvre tests to be carried out consistently in all weather conditions.

To future proof the systems a unique container mount rail system was designed to allow half racks, med ball targets, grapplers, and heave bars to be bolt fixed and reconfigured as required or should training needs change. The ISO lifting point mounted rails also eliminate the need to cut holes into the containers maintaining both structural integrity and preventing any water ingress. ISO containers are fitted with 2m locking roller shutter doors for easy access or pairs of doors allowing through access to the exterior features. All PTE functionality and supporting frameworks are full galvanized so not to corrode providing predictable training environments for many years.

The larger facilities create an open uncluttered training space 20m wide x 30m long allowing PT staff to control the training environment effectively and safely, up to Platoon strength. The size of the Shelters may also be scaled up or back depending upon individual unit scaling at a given time. All facilities are mains powered and include LED lighting and infrared heating that heats bodies as opposed to air. ISO containers are fully insulated to protect stored equipment against temperature fluctuations and condensation build up.

Under canopy flooring is a high impact and robust training surface designed for repeated outdoor use and not affected by temperature or UV light. Each open end is closed with a trackway mounted net curtain designed to allow air flow but protect against the elements. The curtain can be completely drawn back in fine weather conditions creating an all-weather inside out protected and safe training environment.

The Result

Without all stakeholders collaborating with a positive can-do attitude, it would have been impossible for the Indigo Project teams to carry out works in the most challenging conditions both commercially and during the global pandemic.

AFC Harrogate
Initial Designs

AFC Harrogate
Under Construction

AFC Harrogate
Under Construction

afc harrogate render shelter 11
afc harrogate render shelter 12

ATC Pirbright

atc pirbright render shelter 4
atc pirbright render shelter 3
atc pirbright render shelter 1
atc pirbright render shelter 2

ITC Catterick

itc catterick outdoor shelter indigofitness 2
itc catterick outdoor shelter indigofitness 1

ATR Winchester

atr winchester outdoor fitness shelter
atr winchester outdoor fitness shelter 3
atr winchester outdoor fitness shelter 2
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