Modern Makeover


Location: North London, England
Training Space: Health Club

The Laboratory is a dynamic fitness facility, offering a holistic approach to health and fitness that caters for novice, intermediate and professional athletes alike. IndigoFitness created an unrivalled blend of luxury, style and space to their existing training spaces through personalisation and a 20m versatile training rig.

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The Situation

The Laboratory faced the challenge of modernising their existing spaces within the means of their floor space. Despite offering a variety of facilities, including pools, spas, gyms, and beauty areas, pockets of dead space hindered the overall efficiency. The aim was to attract a younger market through functional fitness, while enhancing training possibilities for existing members. They approached IndigoFitness for a complete redesign that would maximise floor space without compromising their existing offerings.

The Solution

IndigoFitness proposed a comprehensive design that strategically repurposed dead spaces, creating a large, open area for diverse training possibilities. Cardio and pin-loaded equipment were repositioned and reduced to make room for a functional movement area. The centerpiece was a 20m bespoke interlocking rig system designed around structural pillars. The rig features areas including warm-up, body-weight, monster rig, TRX zone, throw wall, combat, free-form, and cable. Both The Laboratory sites replicated the design for brand uniformity. Personalisations included integrating the company’s branding into the rig, with the logo visible on logo plates and printed onto the throw wall. Thoughtful storage solutions were integrated for easy access to specific training modalities. E.g. bands, mats and rollers were located in the warm-up area where as kettlebells, power bags and med balls were stored towards the free-form & functional movement sections.

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Equipment Solutions:


Fully bespoke and custom RAZE Rig.


Integrated Throw Walls.


Integrated Boxing & TRX stations.


Integrated RAZE Shadow Series Cable Machine with Bespoke Storage.


Rig Attachments: Adjustable Dip stations, Single Leg Squat/Nordic, Wall Ball Targets, Battlerope Hoops, Landmine/Grapplers.


Finished in exclusive custom pink and grey colour scheme with company logo throughout.

The Result

The transformation is huge both aesthetically and practically, bringing the facility into the modern era and elevating brand perception. The redesigned space allows for increased PT sessions and group classes, catering to a broader range of members. It provides more floor space for individual training, meeting the diverse needs of their clientele. Replicating the design across both The Laboratory sites establishes a consistent brand identity and uniformity. The facility is now ready to host more PT sessions, diverse classes, and provide members with new training stimuli, enhancing their overall fitness experience without compromising the existing offerings.

Hear from the laboratory 

What makes this training space unique?

It’s designed to provide a spacious environment that clearly provides a logical progression of intensities starting with a pre-activity area, then moving into body weight mobility and callisthenics, then onto a more dynamic bodyweight HIIT area and finally ending with a higher intensity strength and power area that utilises DB’s, KB’s and Dual Cable Columns.

What do Lab Spa look for when selecting suppliers & partners?

The quality of the product is key along with the working relationship with the company and their ability to deliver this on time.

What challenges were IndigoFitness able to help you overcome?

Ross and the IndigoFitness team constantly adapted design works to meet our needs and also overcame the difficulty of fixing to a raised access floor.

How was the process of working with IndigoFitness?

“Extremely smooth process from design to install.”

How will this new training space impact Lab Spa?

It has given us a state of the art modern training space which will directly impact our retention and new membership sales.

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