‘The Mill’
East Riding Leisure



Location: Beverley, Yorkshire
Training Space: Outdoor Fitness
Website: www.eastridingleisure.co.uk/gym/outdoor-gym/

East Riding Leisure Centre faced the challenge of expanding its fitness offerings and creating a versatile outdoor training space. Introducing ‘The Mill’ the North’s first outdoor gym and fitness facility of its kind. A collaborative effort between IndigoFitness and BeaverFit UK.

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The Situation

The goal was to design a multi-purpose group training area that allowed for diverse class training outside the main leisure centre. IndigoFitness led on the outdoor flooring solutions. The requirements included creating training zones, accommodating heavy weightlifting, providing safe and defined training spaces, and ensuring the capacity for concurrent classes.

The Solution

IndigoFitness, in collaboration with BeaverFit UK, took charge of the project.

The outdoor gym flooring design was a key focus, driven by the need for a multi-purpose area. DuraTRAIN impact tiles and TurFlex a premium turf were strategically used to create safe and defined training zones. The impact flooring elements were contained within a galvanized structural steel framework, managing pressure and allowing for the required multi-layer floor build-up.

A separate frame structure was installed to handle the expansion and contraction of the turf  and consider the movement of the tarmac surface. The turf gym flooring design included ten individual green grid boxes, enabling members to work out in their own zone during classes or solo. The blue central turf provided an additional defined zone for functional movement skills, battle ropes, and sled training.  

Rubber ramps around the turf zone were installed to reduce trip risks and enhance inclusivity. DuraTRAIN was strategically placed across the heavy lifting space under the canopy and off to the sides, supporting class training, serious strength training  with protection from the elements.

The Result

The completed outdoor fitness training space at East Riding Leisure Centre stands as an engaging and dynamic space, significantly increasing both capacity and the diversity of class training options. The individual training zones allow for personalised workouts during classes or solo sessions, empowering members to take control of their fitness journey. The clever gym flooring solutions add versatility, providing defined space for various movement skills and equipment usage. The outdoor gym flooring not only enhances safety and inclusivity, but ensures a robust and weather-resistant surface from heavy lifting to functional group training.

The overall result is a thoughtfully designed outdoor training area that complements the main leisure centre, offering a unique and engaging fitness experience for East Riding Leisure Centre’s members. 


IndigoFitness x Beaverfit UK

The collaboration between IndigoFitness and BeaverFit UK has proven successful in delivering an innovative outdoor fitness solution that exceeds expectations. The collective effort between IndigoFitness and BeaverFit UK involved initial meetings, outdoor gym design, manufacturing, and design and installation of outdoor gym flooring, along with the supply of RAZE small equipment. BeaverFit UK played a significant role in the project as the primary contractor, ensuring a seamless and effective execution.

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