Location: Moorgate, London
Training Space: Premium Health Club 

London’s luxury health club group Third Space has a common philosophy: to provide individually styled and outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own.

The eighth club to be opened is 27,000 sq.ft Third Space Moorgate. IndigoFitness were engaged to solve a number of complex engineering challenges and collaborate with the Third Space senior management team, architects, Structural Engineers and main contractor to deliver a high-spec club for tomorrow and world class Training environment.

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The Situation

The Third Space, Moorgate building is unique. An epic environment of industrial design, in its former life a multi-storey car park with its own set of infrastructure nuances to overcome.

Third Space designers had already set the innovation bar high with plans to utilise the central building core including creating a world first circular combat studio and running track spiralling upwards around the core.

IndigoFitness were the chosen partner to design, manufacture and install the hero gym spaces. 

The Solution – immersive Octagon for combat classes

Our first challenge was the Combat studio where we were tasked to design a bespoke ceiling mounted bag Rail capable of handling ten heavy Punchbags that would also store outside of the round combat amphitheatre, then traverse on rolling trollies through the combat cage wall and into the Combat arena locking into position using two friction brakes on each bag for group training.

Indigo designers produced a formed aluminium I-Beam following the circumference of the space that then rolled in the opposite direction to allow Boxing bags to enter/exit the combat area, we returned the Rail around the radius of the building to store bags on the wall opposite the arena.

Bespoke Rail Mounting brackets were designed to both carry the Rail but also secure into the concrete ceiling above. All parts and fixing methods had to be agreed with structural engineers along the way.

Next task was the Combat wall and doors to the front of the area again these were required to follow the curve of the room. Working with our French partners, experts in the Combat sports sector bespoke padded cage walls were designed that included a 1.5m cage door and shorter access door to allow bags to move in and out. All elements were secured into floors and walls to withstand the training activity including Boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

To finish the Combat zone we designed bespoke branded storage in two locations outside of the area to manage all equipment and accessories that were to be included.


The Solution Lifting Racks

The design brief from Third Space Fitness Director Rob Beale was clear.

Create me Power Racks and Half Racks with broad functionality, micro-adjustments and both attachments and accessories that store on the Rack systems that would complement a premium Third Space club environment and experience. To support a strong housekeeping policy and sense of order everything used on and around the Racks had to have a place. In addition we developed new connection and locking detail to touch-point components to deliver a premium engineered feel to members and PT’s when using the equipment.

ThirdSpace Moorgate JMS 22.11.22 Gym Floor 282 scaled

The Solution – Lifting PlatformS 

A hugely important and often undervalued element of any lifting space are lifting platform centres that should be solid underfoot with just the right balance of traction providing confidence and a safe environment to any users. They need to be robust and Indigo has spent many years perfecting the design and construction. Our Graphix platform centres are full colour and sub-surface printed to ensure our customers brand cannot be damaged. The black platforms include a subtle “111” logo to the rear as the Third Space logo cannot be stood on.

For Third Space Moorgate the platform centres needed to be inserted into the multi-layer floor build-up so not to compromise acoustics but also to provide a solid lifting base.


The Solution The Rig

A slim bespoke 6m functional training rig with integrated storage has been located towards the corner of the functional training area designed specifically to store an agreed small equipment mix and required functionality. No wall fixing could be achieved and we Floor fixed the Rig posts incorporating Spreader plates to stabilise the Rig system.

DSC05263 1

The Solution – THE HIIT STUDIO

Indigo designed heavily engineered storage solutions for the Moorgate HIIT studio to manage the significant load of over 3,000kg of small equipment including Rubber Hex Dumbbells vertically hung on the storage modules. Space allocation was intense and a significant amount of equipment had to be stored in difficult spaces navigating the complex building architecture and services.


The Solution The ACOUSTICS

As Third space operate in prime locations in the capital significant steps are taken during club design to manage the risk of noise and vibration transfer to neighbouring properties.

Indigo’s expertise supported this process with equipment weight spreader plates designed for Third Space exclusively to distribute the load from equipment placed on or fixed into the Gym floor build-up, a complex combination of acoustic materials and sub-floor all designed to mitigate noise. Plates are positioned on top of the finished rubber floor that bridge Tile seams and allow equipment to be through fixed into the constructed concrete slab some 90mm below the surface.

Of the Indigo installation teams three crews of four skilled installers worked on the Moorgate fitout. All our teams have vast experience in construction trades as well as Floor types and safe installation including construction fixing, surveying and testing to bring absolute confidence to the customers we work with.

Worthy mention:
Part of the Indigo solution included solving the problem of other suppliers equipment that would not be stable on the complex acoustic floor build-up. This included assessing equipment to determine the best stabilisation and fixing methods for three other equipment brands installed in the Training zones.



No supplier should attempt to be bigger than their customers brand and for Indigo carrying across the Third Space identity was a critical part of the equipment design evolutions.

Third Space required subtle yet consistent branding using their three roman numeral identity. We wanted to deliver quality and so stainless steel branding plates were added to equipment J-Hooks, Safety Spot Arms, frame connecting plates, Load Spreader plates onto our Graphix Lifting platform centres and for strategic bespoke fixing/securing frameworks.

Working in a complex and challenging central London location within a tightly controlled construction programme timeframe Indigo were able to seamlessly integrate with other contractors working collaboratively to deliver the right result at the right time for our client Third Space and we thank them for the confidence they have shown in Indigofitness to deliver on all levels.

Ross Manester Indigo’s Southern area territory manager was responsible for coordination between Third Space and Indigo throughout the project with Paul Lipscombe Installations manager overseeing the fitout works.


The Result

 “Indigofitness are no ordinary supplier, we don’t just provide products, we’re a solution provider with huge scope and appetite for problem solving. Whilst not arrogant we are confident in our skills with such great people in our team. Through smart UK design and production engineering we have delivered some pretty complex bespoke and custom equipment solutions for Third space.”

Rob Coleman, Managing Director, IndigoFitness

Hear from Third Space Fitness Director Rob Beale

ThirdSpace Moorgate JMS 22.11.22 Gym Floor 282 1 scaled
ThirdSpace Moorgate JMS 22.11.22 Combat 064 scaled
ThirdSpace Moorgate JMS 22.11.22 Cage 345 1 scaled
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