University of Kent

School of Sport & Exercise Sciences


Location: Canterbury, Kent
Training Space: University

University of Kent is one of the best universities in the UK. Kent chose IndigoFitness to enhance its facility offerings by transforming two disused squash courts into a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning suite.

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The Situation

University of Kent is home to a leading sports science school. To further support the students and expand the universities offering the plans were submitted to transform two disused squash courts into a fully functioning strength and conditioning suite. The goal for this new facility was to provide students, athletes, and aspiring sport professionals with cutting-edge facilities for learning, training, and development. 

The Solution

Collaborating closely with Alastair Thrush, lecturer in sports therapy and rehabilitation, IndigoFitness worked to understand the vision for the space and the specific requirements from both teaching and sporting perspectives. The plan included a zonal approach, featuring three main areas: a free-weights/compound lifting area, a rehabilitation area, and a bespoke turf track.

Before installing any equipment or gym flooring, IndigoFitness were tasked with correcting the sub-floor, ensuring a solid foundation for the strength and conditioning facility’s future. The free-weights area has a 30mm performance floor with bespoke graphix platforms, including an inset force platform for specific testing protocols. The turf track was designed to the client’s specifications, with detailed markings for specific protocols. The rehabilitation section featured a seamless and clinical finish with a 7mm PaviFlex flooring tile.

Each area was meticulously planned for optimal gym equipment selection. The free-weights area housed RAZE Shadow Series half racks with integrated smith machine and clever attachments for maximum efficiency. The rehabilitation area featured bespoke storage for specific items, including soft and hard throw walls, providing diverse training stimuli. To add the wow factor, the University’s branding was integrated into the facility, laser-cut into racks and storage, printed onto graphix platforms, and featured on throw/rebound walls.

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Flooring Solutions:


Bespoke inset graphix lifting platforms


30mm Performance gym flooring


Bespoke & custom turf


7mm PaviFlex flooring tile

Equipment Solutions:


Custom RAZE Shadow Half racks with integrated smith and attachments.


Bespoke storage solutions.


Custom throw walls (Hard & Soft).


Bespoke & custom dual pulley, lat pull – low row and storage system with custom pull up options


Custom Dumbbells & Bumper Plates


RAZE Strength equipment – including Dog Sled, GHD, Leg extension/curl and S&C Kit.

The Result

The result is a cutting-edge strength and conditioning facility that aligns seamlessly with the University’s teaching syllabus, providing students with maximum educational support. The space serves as a training haven for the University’s sport scholars, offering specific apparatus to support their athletic ambitions. Additionally, it acts as a compelling foundation for prospective students, showcasing the University’s commitment to providing proven courses backed by some of the best available facilities.

The new facility not only meets the immediate needs of the University of Kent but also positions it as a leader in sports education, attracting and nurturing talent for years to come. IndigoFitness is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.


Hear from University of kent

What do University of Kent look for when selecting suppliers & partners?

“It’s about a proven reputation, Indigo gave us that. It’s not just the clients their working with, it’s the breadth of clients that they’re working, elite sport, private sector, individual clients. We look for that proven reputation and the ability to create a bespoke training environment.”

What challenges were IndigoFitness able to help you overcome?

“This is a conversion of two old squash courts that we’ve knocked through into one training space. We’ve made really good use of space sitting down with IndigoFitness in the design process. We’ve come up with a unique training space utilising the restrictions of a squash court.

How was the process of working with IndigoFitness?

“Right from the initial tender where we saw their presentation, we knew that Indigo were who we wanted to go with. They liaised with us all the way through from the bespoke designs, logos and colours. There was so much choice. Together we have come up with a powerful brand design as well as creating a functional training space for the students at Kent.”

How will this new training space impact University of Kent?

“Primarily it’s a teaching space, so it’s for the Sports Science Programme & Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Programme. Both of those programmes have a high component of Strength & Conditioning modules in them. We want to expand that, offering post graduate courses in Strength & Conditioning as we recognise that as a growth market. We’re also going to use the space for our sports scholars, taking them out of the public gym and put them into this bespoke training environment that meets their needs as elite athletes.” 


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