Updated Strength and Conditioning Facility for RGS Guildford

RGS Guildford is one of the most prestigious schools in the country and, since its foundation in 1509, has established a national reputation for academic excellence. It combines an inspiring Tudor setting in the heart of historic Guildford with the facilities expected of a modern-day institution; a traditional, rigorous grammar school ethos with an innovative, independent approach to education; and is a school where academia is only one facet of a far richer experience and an extraordinary array of opportunities.

The Situation

RGS already had a very comprehensive school gym in terms of equipment, however, the previously installed flooring was failing, and the freestanding integrated platforms and larger individual stations were taking up large amounts of space, so they decided the time was right to give their gym an update. They asked us to look at a solution that would give them more training options and flexibility, whilst at the same time providing more free floor space.

The Solution

As always when approaching a gym design, we looked to make the decision about flooring first. To protect the subfloor and reduce noise and vibrations in neighboring rooms, we supplied 32mm duraTRAIN tiles. DuraTRAIN is an industry leading rubber gym tile, the result of extensive testing, engineering, and a patented three-stage compression molding process. The exceptional quality of these tiles means that they are ideal in strength training and Olympic lifting areas, and for RGS that meant that additional freestanding platforms were no longer required, which instantly increased the floor space available. Four custom branded Graphix platforms were inset into the duraTRAIN to provide dedicated lifting areas, whilst maintaining a seamless finish on the floor.

On top of the platforms, four Zenith series power racks were installed, linked together with three bar wings for additional training functionality. The racks, along with the lifting platforms, provided eight lifting stations in total, and with grappler attachments, gym ball storage and dip attachments, delivered a diverse training station along one side of the training space. The racks were finished with custom branded joining plates bearing the RGS logo.

On the opposite side of the gym is a Shadow series storage unit holding the RAZE PU dumbbells, slam balls, and med balls. Incorporated into the storage unit structure is a lat pull down/low row combo at one end, and a dual pulley at the other. Integrating all these elements into one unit is what really allowed us to massively increase the flexible free floor space available to the coaches, making sessions and classes that much easier to plan and run. Additionally, and to ensure the floor space was completely clear of clutter of any kind, we supplied a wall fixed unit to store all mats, power bands, lifting belts, and speed ropes.

Infront of the storage unit are two adjustable benches, finished with the schools’ colour scheme and featuring an embroidered logo on the upholstery. Posterior chain exercises are fully covered with the supply of glute ham and reverse hyper benches. Other equipment supplied to provide a wide and diverse range training options were Shadow series Olympic bars, Zenith series bumper plates, and RAZE stackable plyo boxes.

The Success

Overall, the use of a superior flooring solution combined with bespoke manufactured items has allowed us to create a training space that really delivers on the schools’ brief of increasing floor space and training flexibility, whilst providing a top-class strength and conditioning room for both the coaches and pupils to utilise to its fullest. Additionally, our ability to apply the schools’ colour scheme and logo to equipment really does provide that sense of identity and pride the school were looking for.
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