Northampton Saints RFC re-fresh training facility at Franklin Gardens

Changes to the performance and conditioning team at Northampton Saints FRC brought about a change in training methods too. A more integrated approach to basic strength training, conditioning activities and rehab meant the facility needed to adapt to tie in with this new approach.

The concrete floor underneath the rubber in the original strength training area was also breaking up and needed a more durable long term solution.

The Goals

• Design a new layout for all aspects of barbell training, including Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting , and provide equipment to support this
• Install artificial grass strip, large enough for head to head sprints and sled pushes/pulls
• Repair and protect the concrete floor from damage and reduce noise and vibrations in offices below and adjacent to the facility
• Maximise the working space available to allow safe movement in and around modular training stations
• Finish the project during a player break in the first half of the season, minimising disruption to training

Our Solution

Working closely with the coaching staff we gained an understanding of what they wanted to deliver at different stages of the season, and this was crucial to how the facility was designed and built. Pre-season sessions were heavy with an emphasis on ‘grunt’ strength, so we created 5 multi-use training stations complete with benches, RAZE power racks with a wide range of attachments, and integrated lifting platforms. Each station can be used by 2 players at a time. We also added in a spacious dumbell area, featuring rubber dumbells up to 80kg.

Throughout the season it’s important for the players to maintain peak physical performance levels, so a custom sled track and med ball wall were installed for agility and conditioning work, while the adjustability offered by the RAZE racks and the wide range of training attachments means they are ideal for any type and level of strength training required during the season. We fitted the racks with a custom pull up bar, specially designed to target the lats whilst reducing stress on the shoulders.

There was really only one solution to the problems of noise and a crumbling concrete floor and we immediately recommended DuraTRAIN 32mm rubber tiles. Their impact absorption and noise reduction capabilities are ideal for heavy lifting areas – providing protection to concrete sub-floors – plus, they can support integrated lifting platforms, creating a seamless training surface.

5 x newly designed RAZE racks were manufactured, with spacing’s specified to Westside Barbell adjustment increments, with dual custom made pull-up bar options being favoured to develop vertical pulling strength.

We delivered

• A world class training space
• 5 x RAZE multi-use training stations – each with; an adjustable bench, rack mounted prone row, grappler, chain set, squat box, Power and Olympic bars, 280kg of coloured bumpers and a set of micro plates
• Spacious and safe dumbbell training area
• Seamless strength training surface comprises to DurTRAIN tiles with integrated lifting platforms
• 20m x 2.5m artificial grass track for heavy sled pushes, sprints, agility and rehabilitation work, finished off with a durable non-trip profile edging
Speed, agility and conditioning areas

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