The Bosworth Clinic launched in spring 2013 as a leading UK Specialist Rehabilitation Clinic. The company concept of taking the skills developed by Practitioners in high level sports and providing that same level of service and environment to amateur sports-people and any-one else in the general population was key. The Clinic wished to have the best possible care in assessment, communication, treatment and rehabilitation and following return to full fitness provide further programming to move beyond their previous expectations.

“To make this work, there was a need to provide a widely experienced group of practitioners in conjunction with a high level facility”

Gordon Bosworth is generally respected as a leading physiotherapist, and has the scars to prove it through support across six Olympic Games. He wanted to provide a rehabilitation and gym area that fully supported the needs of the clinic.

“Indigo Fitness was offered the business as their background largely consisted of working with elite client bases in high level sport and the military. This work comprised needs analysis, presentation of concepts, planning, flooring and equipment choice, plus installation.”

Our Approach

The planning stages involved discussion and an overview of the building works in progress as the Bosworth Clinic was developed as a refurbishment of an existing business premises. The proposed gym and rehabilitation centre needed to provide the correct ‘flow’ for patients as they progressed in their journey back to wellness, and Indigo Fitness provided a proposal in line with the Clinic’s needs.

The equipment choice was by necessity of the highest calibre and where applicable ‘The Bosworth Clinic’ logo and colours were applied to upholstery. Install was challenging as it coincided with completion of the actual build, but any problems were dealt with swiftly by Indigo Fitness.

Gordon Bosworth said “The design of the gym area met our client needs as well as possible within the space available and fully complements our company concept, also providing us with a facility that will support the development of the Clinic in the future.”

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