Gym equipment

We have been designing and manufacturing strength equipment in the UK for over 25 years. Our in-house design team and on-site manufacturing plant gives us full control over the whole process and allows us to maintain our ISO accredited quality standards. Our product range covers everything from station strength, to cardio, to racks and rigs, fitness technology, to combat.

Station Strength

Building on over 25 years of design, innovation and engineering excellence, our range of station strength equipment offers a highly effective strength solution delivered in an aesthetically pleasing and biomechanically correct package.

All equipment is made to order, allowing you to choose frame and upholstery colours and branding options.

Racks & Rigs

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory our rigs and racks are engineered for the demands of modern strength training. They can be customised in-house to suit your needs. Whether this is to fit the size of your space or just the preferred colour scheme. We have a solution without having to make compromise.


To complement strength training we also build effective cardio machines that are industry leading for high-intensity training. Our robust airbike, runner and rower provide the essential conditioning tools for your gym.

Storage Solutions

An important aspect of a training environment is how you control the space using storage. Ensuring the correct equipment is in the right place for activity keeps the training space safe and organised.

From specific storage solutions that are designed and manufactured to order to simpler options such as bar and plate storage, we’ve got a wealth of experience in utilising space and stopping gym equipment ending up on the floor.

Fitness Technology

We can integrate innovative technology into our design concepts and solutions to create a training space that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and create a more valuable member experience. There is more demand than ever for data and technology to evaluate performance and your training space should be adapting to this.


IndigoFitness is the exclusive UK and European distributor of Carbon Claw, a fight equipment specialist catering for boxers, MMA fighters, kickboxers, and fitness enthusiasts. Carbon Claw have over 30 years of experience producing high quality gloves and combat gear to suit all levels of training from novice to professional.


Strength & Conditioning Equipment

Our strength and conditioning equipment is designed and engineered from our HQ in the UK. It combines our passion for high quality, functional equipment with our experience in manufacturing. 

Outdoor Gym Equipment

From simple outdoor rigs, to covered training facilities, we’ve designed and installed a wide range of outdoor gym equipment for hotels and health and fitness providers.

Custom Gym Equipment

Low ceilings? Odd shape room? Or just looking for something specific? Much of our equipment can be altered to meet your exact needs by our in-house design and engineering team, or we can create something totally unique – whether that’s a rack, rig, storage system, a combination on all three, or even a piece of station strength.
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We are very proud of our UK manufacturing heritage. Our in-house design team and manufacturing plant gives us the flexibility to create and deliver tailored strength and functional training solutions.

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