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You can put artificial grass anywhere you like within your facility, it’s that versatile. Many opt for a long strip, anywhere from 10 to 25 metres long and 2 metres wide, but we have also done many installations where we cover a whole room – turning it into a truly multi-use environment. This gives a facility a really unique feel and sets it apart from the crowd.

We can integrate a section of artificial grass with your existing floor surfaces.


  • Tough polypropylene fibres with a 15mm pile height
  • Manufactured in the UK to BS tolerances
  • Durable
  • Multi-use
  • Easy maintenance

Our Solution

Working closely with the coaching staff we gained an understanding of what they wanted to deliver at different stages of the season, and this was crucial to how the facility was designed and built. Pre-season sessions were heavy with an emphasis on ‘grunt’ strength, so we created 5 multi-use training stations complete with benches, RAZE power racks with a wide range of attachments, and integrated lifting platforms. Each station can be used by 2 players at a time. We also added in a spacious dumbell area, featuring rubber dumbells up to 80kg.

Throughout the season it’s important for the players to maintain peak physical performance levels, so a custom sled track and med ball wall were installed for agility and conditioning work, while the adjustability offered by the RAZE racks and the wide range of training attachments means they are ideal for any type and level of strength training required during the season. We fitted the racks with a custom pull up bar, specially designed to target the lats whilst reducing stress on the shoulders.

Benefits of Gymcap

Many generations have been brought up on the physically arduous, yet rewarding exertions of baling.

Baling is a multi joint exercise, which from a technical lifting point of view encompasses elements of dead lifting, power cleans, and clean and press. Moving bales correctly requires power, technique, control and muscle endurance. So we’ve brought it out of the fields and into the gym!

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