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Dramatically reduce the disruptive noise and vibrations of fitness equipment with duraSOUND rubber acoustic fitness tiles. Designed to dissipate energy for a better acoustical experience for both you and your and neighbouring businesses. DuraSOUND rubber acoustic fitness tiles are performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimise low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of sound by up to 38 decibels (dB)!

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  • Proven to reduce sound and vibrations
  • Custom colour choices
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51 or 70mm

61 x 61cm


Approx 30kg/36kg

22 + custom option



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DuraSOUND Performs Different Because It Is Made Different

Silence is Golden

With mixed-use buildings now the norm the reduction of audible structure-borne sounds is vitally important, and understanding the design and science of sound is an essential component to any gym design. The most important consideration is how sound, and energy will travel within your gym.

Noise can be transmitted through a building in a wide range of airborne and structure-borne methods. A good example of air-transmitted noise would be music that slips under doors during an aerobics class or the grunting of a weightlifter pushing themselves further. Structure-borne noise usually occurs with the impact of a blunt force object into the floor or the vibrations of cardio machines. The shock and vibration energy will transfer through the rigid building structure itself and easily into neighbouring spaces. There are two major sound influencers; construction materials and people/equipment.

Construction Material

You must have a holistic approach to noise mitigation and take into account the construction materials of not just your own space, but of adjoining spaces.

Every physical element of a fitness center influences its ability to funnel, absorb or reflect noise:
1. Shape – the corners and curves of surface walls, ceilings and floors
2. Material – cement walls, drywall and drop ceilings, vinyl flooring, interior doors and electrical outlets
3. Equipment – hard, sound-reflective gym equipment

The Effects of People & Equipment

When a weightlifter drops a dumbbell, the energy produced will travel anywhere it can. In most cases, the acoustics of a fitness center will allow the sound to travel under floor mats, through walls and beyond ceilings, disrupting those using adjourning rooms, businesses or living spaces.

The effects of noise from people and equipment go far beyond weights. Circuit training, treadmills, spin classes, dance, CrossFit and aerobics all create unique challenges.

Understanding the Science of Silence

sofSURFACES partners with a worldwide organization accredited as an ISO 17025:2005 laboratory system by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code: 100227-0).

Through these tests, duraSOUND exceeds all three worldwide rating systems:
• Sound Transmission Class (STC), ASTM E90/413, for airborne sound
• Impact Isolation Class (IIC), ASTM E492/E989, for impact sound
• Delta IIC (IIC) This industry rating involves testing a weight assembly on concrete, 0.0 then measuring the difference between concrete and the surfacing specimen over concrete.
We’re constantly rated superior to the competition

duraSOUND Sounds Nothing like the Rest

In addition to these standard tests, sofSURFACES undergoes additional rigorous testing that more accurately demonstrates the real-life performance of our exclusive surfacing solutions. Our heavy-impact tests use 25 lb and 55 lb weights dropped at various heights to demonstrate a more-realistic effect of how our product will perform within a fitness center environment.

Sound levels are specifically measured in decibels. However, you have to consider decibel measurements carefully as the decibel scale is logarithmic, not linear. Every increase of 10dB on the scale is equivalent to a 10-fold increase in sound intensity (which broadly corresponds with a doubling in loudness).

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