duraTRAIN Rubber Flooring

Engineered for PERSONAL BESTS

Virtually indestructible, duraTRAIN rubber fitness flooring tiles are designed for a range of applications, from heavy use weight rooms to high impact health clubs. The result of extensive testing, engineering and a patented three-stage compression molding process, duraTRAIN tiles are backed by a best in industry limited time warranty.


32 or 50mm

61 x 61cm


Approx 24kg

22 + custom option



Not Required

Raised Pedestals

  • Evenly distributes weight of equipment
  • Significantly reduces noise and vibrations
  • Allows cables to be channelled under the tiles

KROSLock Design

  • Unique, omni directional locking design allows the tiles to be firmly locked into place without the need for adhesive.
  • This locking design prevents expansion and contraction of the tiles, stops any separation of tiles at the seams and dissipates the energy from impacts in all direction across the whole tiled surface.
  • DuraTRAIN can be picked up and reconfigured to fit with any changes to your facility.
  • Simple and efficient to install

Ramps and Corners

  • Ideal for entranceways
  • Allows safe and seamless integration with other surfaces
  • Available in colours and heights to match the tiles
  • Disabled access 1:12 slope option

High Compression Wear Layer

  • Tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kg blunt face.


Our standard tile is ideal in almost any situation

53% Shock Absorption

51% Energy Restitution


Perfect for first floor usage, for extra noise and vibration reduction

60% Shock Absorption

49% Energy Restitution

Colour Options

Available in 6 standard colours and an infinite range of hybrid custom colour blends. Customer favourites shown below.

The Right Choice

Over 15 years of designs, formulations and modifications have resulted in a truly unique flooring solution that’s flexible, durable, safe and cost effective.

The tiles are made from 100% recycled truck tyre rubber, which is environmentally safe, more durable than car tyres and can be recycled again at the end of it’s lifecycle

The unique compression installation technique prevents tiles from shifting or separating and small chamfered edges prevent any dirt build up.

Set your facility apart with the innovative look and feel that you can only get with DuraTRAIN.

Up to 26db sound reduction

Up to 60% shock absorption

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