Rugged, easy to clean, all round flooring solution

Fitted rubber is the most commonly used flooring within the health and fitness sector. This is down to it’s sheer versatility coupled with affordability. It has excellent durability, high resistance to wear and comes in varying thicknesses – which means it can be used in free-weight areas, general strength areas with machines, under CV equipment or even in your reception area.


  • Easy installation
  • Seamless appearance
  • Wears well
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Add functional markings

Full Colour Top Layer

Full colour top layer – if you are looking to create a big impact with an area of full colour we can offer a specially formulated rubber top layer. Please call and ask for more details.

Improve fitted rubber performance

Sometimes we recommend using a layer of shock pad underneath the rubber. Our shock pad consists mainly of a recycled polyurethane foam with an open cell structure. The open cells have small holes which let the air inside escape, dissipating the energy input. This in turn improves the longevity, sound and shock absorption capabilities of the floor.

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