Heart rate training is an increasingly popular tool used to track physical activity and calories burned. Delivered through wearable technology, gym goers can monitor their training intensity and get greater engagement when setting fitness goals. The level to which heart rate training is integrated into the training space will increase the effectiveness and the uptake from the end users.

Myzone is the game-changing wearable that keeps people motivated, wherever they choose to work out. The fitness tracker technology provides real-time feedback on heart rate, calories and effort-based feedback.

 WHy myzone?

Myzone is bringing fun, fair fitness to clubs and gyms around the world. Reward effort over image with an immersive fitness experience that gives your people results they can see. Stay connected, organise challenges and create your own community, no matter where your members work out.

Builds loyalty
The numbers don’t lie – Myzone boosts club visits by 33% and keeps members around 24% longer.

More motivation guaranteed
Myzone transforms group training sessions. Add a competitive edge with live workout data your members can see on the big screen.

Creates community
The level to which Myzone is integrated into the training space will increase the effectiveness, acceptance and uptake from end users. 

 Which Myzone Is Right For YouR TRAINING SPACE?

MZ-60 Watch

MZ Switch

The world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors or in water. Wearable three ways, switch between the chest, wrist and arm, depending on choice of physical activity.


MZ 1

Built for a studio setting, the MZ-1 is competitively priced for club and gym operators. Perfect to bundle in for new customers, the MZ-1 offers the full Myzone experience of fun, fair fitness.


MZ 60

Displays workout and physical activity data from the heart rate monitor.


MZ 3

The award-winning original, with extra connectivity and a memory boost. Track heart rate and effort anywhere, collect MEPs and plug into a community that works hard to feel good.

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