New Office and Showroom Tender

Indigo Fitness are looking for a contractor to undertake building work and the fit out of there new office and showroom at their new site. The building comprises of 4 units that were constructed in the 1960s. The whole building is undergoing refurbishment and the new office and showroom will be fitted into unit 4.

We are tendering for quotes to cover the following work:
(Unit 4) Suspended ceiling in office area
(Unit 4) external Walls modified for new windows
(Unit 4) New window install
(Unit 4) construction of upper storage area
(Unit 4) Staircase to upper storage area
(Unit 4) Install Partition Walls
(Unit 4) Electrical Fitout – First fix
(Unit 4) ‘Wet’ Plumbing system first fix
(Unit 4) Install Flooring in office area
(Unit 4) Decorating and Fit out of office
(Unit 4) Install flooring in Gym/Showroom
(Unit 4) Fit out Gym/Showroom
(Unit 4) Make ramp from Unit 3 to 4 office
(Unit 4) Electrical fit out – Second fix
(Unit 4) ‘Wet’ Plumbing system second fix


Bids can be made for all or part of this work.

Design, specification and date of work to be agreed with the project manager but we expect all the work to be complete by the end of December 2017.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record of such work.

All work must meet current building regulations.

Site visits can be arranged prior to quoting.

Payments will be made against invoice on agreed payment terms. The work can be invoiced when each section is complete to the satisfaction of the project manager.

Start date for submission is Sunday 12th November, deadline for submission is Monday 27th November at 5pm.

Criteria for Choosing Supplier

  1. Cost (25%)
  2. Experience/track record (25%)
  3. Ability to meet requested specification (25%)
  4. Timescale for completing the work (25%)

If you are interested in quoting

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.