Platform 81 – Indigo Fitness Creates New Training Space at Bangor University
Published: 5 Aug, 2021
Categories: News

Indigo Fitness recently completed the installation of a new performance training facility at Bangor University. Starting with an empty room, Bangor University felt a multi-function fitness room was the way to go, and put the project out for tender – looking for creative and innovative proposals that would meet their ideas and hit their budget.

After a successful tender bid, supported by 3D visuals and custom design proposals, Indigo Fitness were appointed preferred supplier for the contract.

Indigo proposed a single level, seamless flooring surface across the whole training space, eliminating trip hazards whilst retaining the ability to deliver the required level of training variety. Indigo also designed a fully bespoke training rig, specifically customised in both functionality and colour to meet the requirements of Bangor University.

Check out the case study page for more details and photos of the finished training space.

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