Carbon claw announces sponsored boxers for 2019
Published: 5 Aug, 2021
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David seymour

david seymour
David Seymour – Bantamweight

Professional Boxer David Seymour based out of Coventry fights in the Bantamweight category and has a Professional fight record of 4 wins and 1 loss, with his next fight planned for 9th March at the Mercia Banqueting Suite, Foleshill, Coventry.

David has been mixing it up of late with a number of national fighters to ensure his training is at top level and has been in training camp as early as the new year.

His attitude towards training is meticulous as he knows that only complete dedication to diet training and resting will give him the performance and edge over his opponent on the night.

Although he does not like to look past his next opponent the management team have great expectations and hope to be aiming for a title belt towards the end of 2019.

Matt ‘slugger’ Sen

matt slugger sen
Matt Sen – Cruiserweight

Professional Boxer Matt ‘Slugger’ Sen is a West Midlands fighter and is one of the big boys fighting in the Cruiserweight division and also has a Professional fight record of 4 wins and 1 loss, with his next fight planned for 23rd Feb at the Aston Villa Suite Birmingham.

Matt aims to put right the loss last time out to Taha Mirhosseini who caught him cold in the 1st round in November last year.

Matt has taken on a new trainer and is chomping at the bit to seek revenge. When I spoke to him last week about his preparations he was very confident and stated that he is ‘Locked and Loaded’ which I took as ready to go !!

Carbon Claw has an ongoing Product development programme and having such professional guys on board helps us to understand and develop our products accordingly.

Matt is also training very hard and seeking that first Midlands Area Title Belt in the coming months ahead.

Carbon Claw are proud to be associated with such professional ambassadors outside of the ring and as professional fighters inside the ropes and happy to support them with our quality training equipment.

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