IndigoFitness acquires Raptor Weight vests

Published: 31 Jan, 2022
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IndigoFitness is proud to announce that they have now acquired Raptor Weight Vests and will be adding this established brand to the RAZE equipment line.

Founded in 2011, Raptor was the first weight vest to really address the training needs of Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Weight vests already existed in one form or another however, what was so unique about  Raptor  was the quality and that it is actually 3 unique products in one. Foremost the Raptor vest is a strong, high quality made adjustable weight vest, produced from premium materials incorporating a detachable, machine washable internal liner. Secondly a heavy-duty towing harness capable of pulling significant loads. Finally, a unique bungee anchor system which can be used with a variety of external equipment to enhance team and individual training. Raptor development resulted in a high quality rugged vest that Strength & Conditioning coaches, military instructors and personal fitness enthusiasts could use across a wide spectrum of human performance and rehab training applications.

Over the years IndigoFitness looked on as the Raptor vest gained quite a reputation across the fitness industry, through Europe to the USA as the go to multi-functional weight vest used by Elite Sports teams and Special Forces to renowned individual athletes. Raptor delivers like no other weight vest.

In early 2021 IndigoFitness engaged in discussions with the Raptor team around a strategic acquisition, stock purchase and brand rights to include the existing Raptor website. The buyout was a logical fit to add an established, tested product to the Indigo strength and conditioning brand RAZE equipment line. IndigoFitness will now develop the next evolution of hybrid style vests and other products under the RAZE-RAPTOR brand.

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