IndigoFitness and BeaverFit join forces

Published: 29 Aug, 2023
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IndigoFitness and BeaverFit join forces to revolutionise the defence and fitness industry.

In today’s global economy, meaningful and contractual collaborations have become a valuable and common tool for companies to enhance their capabilities and gain a competitive edge. BeaverFit UK and IndigoFitness are well-known companies, in the UK fitness industry and defence sectors. They have secured significant market share through their high-quality products and services. BeaverFit specialises in modular and portable outdoor fitness facilities, while IndigoFitness offers a wide range of high-grade gym equipment, both supplying to MOD and commercial clients. Renowned for their innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction, both BeaverFit UK and IndigoFitness have firmly established themselves in the UK fitness industry and defence sectors. The two British manufacturing companies, known for their skills and capability, have joined forces, leveraging their intellectual property to collaborate on future projects. This partnership promises mutual benefits in market presence, profitability, and innovation.

Strategic collaboration for enhanced innovation and customer solutions

One significant advantage of this collaboration is that it allows both companies to access complementary capabilities and technologies, that result in a strengthened customer offering. With the combination of their skills, capability, and intellectual property, the companies aim to develop new products and services that set them apart from competitors in the specialised fields of containerised gym and infrastructure solutions. By collaborating, they can leverage each other’s expertise, resources, and networks to create innovative solutions that cater to evolving market demands. This strategic partnership ensures that existing requirements in the UK and internationally are not compromised while appealing to the changing needs of the market.

Empowering Customers

The partnership between BeaverFit and IndigoFitness brings several customer benefits. The combined design capability results in advanced visuals and cost efficiencies, making the setup more affordable. With in-house and experienced installers, delivery and installation time are significantly reduced and the procurement processes are smooth and direct, ensuring seamless operations. Additionally, the partnership offers a comprehensive 360 solution, covering everything from flooring to infrastructure, enhancing the overall delivery process for customers, from concept through to delivery.

This relationship will significantly reduce expenses and risks associated with research and development. Through the consolidation of resources, the companies can leverage their respective strengths to collectively address business challenges and create significant value for their customers, with a specific emphasis on sustainability.

By harnessing their intellectual property rights, the companies can establish a robust defence mechanism against potential infringers, providing them with a clear advantage in the market. This unique selling proposition will be challenging for competitors to imitate, further solidifying their position.

Stronger Together

The collaboration between these two manufacturers in the Human Performance industry, boasting impressive skills, capabilities, and intellectual property, holds immense potential for substantial benefits. By joining forces under the tagline “Stronger Together,” IndigoFitness and BeaverFit can offer unparalleled innovation, drive increased profitability, and appeal to a larger market. This strategic partnership not only establishes a formidable presence but also eliminates rivalry between the two companies, fostering a harmonious and mutually beneficial alliance.

📍 Catch us at DSEI, at our joint stand space H1-221.

📆 Tuesday 12th – Friday 15th September at the ExCel London.

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