Published: 17 Mar, 2022
Categories: News

IndigoFitness are delighted to announce a new partnership with Gungnir of Norway and will be adding their flagship 20KG Allrounder Olympic bar solution to the IndigoFitness product line.

Gungnir of Norway is a Norwegian fitness equipment manufacturer, with a high focus on innovation and quality.

Gungnir have innovated a solution for a well-known problem that has been present in our industry for the past century, namely, securing your weight plates. Their patented solution (SlideLock™) encompasses barbells and dumbbells with built-in collars – making the weightlifting experience safer, tidier, and more user-friendly.

Gungnir started in Oslo, Norway, as an idea for a better solution to a problem well known to many who use weightlifting equipment on a regular basis. They started working on a solution in 2018, ridding gyms of clips and collars one at a time. Their aim is to make this solution the new standard for securing weight plates worldwide and IndigoFitness back this determination to make this vision a reality.

IndigoFitness will be launching this partnership at Perform X tomorrow, showcasing the collarless bars as part of the event stand.

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