IndigoFitness Enhance Outdoor Training with latest Military Installation

Published: 10 Jan, 2023
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The latest Indigo Strength & Conditioning shelter at The Royal Army School of Physical Training (RAPTC), Aldershot continues to adapt to the needs of the British Army with its additional developments.

Indigo S&C shelters have now been installed across numerous prestigious Army Training sites. The British army has a requirement to create semi-permanent physical training infrastructure outside of traditional gym buildings to increase capacity but also deliver enhanced functionality as training requirements have evolved over recent years with a shift towards S&C.

The RAPTC project focussed on creating a multipurpose functional training space equipped with everything needed to facilitate training and specialist army assessments. We used a shelter to create an open, spacious, and, most importantly, multipurpose training space. The canopy of the shelter is load-bearing, facilitating additional equipment when needed. Each open end of the structure is equipped with powered net doors, allowing airflow while protecting users from the elements.

Do you have space for an outdoor training facility?

The S&C shelter facilities can be positioned on most surfaces. Indigo has clearly defined processes to establish the viability of a proposed location thorough site survey where our team captures levels, ground conditions and drainage, power availability and capacity as well as the potential size of facility that could be installed.

Find out more information on the RAPTC Strength and Conditioning Shelter and the latest developments.

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