Published: 5 Aug, 2021
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Built to the same exacting standards as the Air Bike, the Renegade Air Rower delivers strong resistance with a clever combination of air and magnets. This means the resistance level can be increased or decreased, making it suitable for all levels of users, but also capable of delivering a killer workout!

The performance monitor has a single, large, screen so you can see all your workout data with a quick glance, and it tracks all the data points you’d expect; time, distance, calories, watts, strokes, SPM and time/500. In also features inbuilt target and interval programs and can track your pulse if you’re wearing a compatible chest belt.

“This rowing machine was great. Feels like a high-quality piece of gym equipment. There are multiple resistance settings depending on your ability and the sort of workout you want to get from it. It’s very comfortable to use and adjustable so anyone can use it. The ride itself is extremely smooth and feels a lot like rowing in water.

I would recommend the Renegade Rower to anyone looking to buy a high-quality rowing machine.”

Tom Armstrong. Personal Trainer, indoor rowing competitor, Freestyle wrestler

The Renegade Air rower is available in 2 different models. One featuring 8 levels of manually adjustable resistance, and the other with 16 levels of touch-button resistance. Click below for full product info and buy page.

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