Published: 5 Aug, 2021
Categories: News

We take the responsibility for supporting products we provide to the military seriously and have invested in appropriate additional training to enable Indigo to deliver worldwide engineer support for the UK MOD. CONDO Training prepares our staff to work safely, effectively and confidently in challenging, often remote and hostile environments.

The High Risk CONDO course for conflict or former conflict countries our staff attend over 3 days fully complies with DEFSTAN 05-129 Defence Standards (Procedures & Requirements) & DEFCON 697 (Contractors on Deployed Operations).

Course outline

  • Flight Safety, Fixed Wing & Rotary
  • Basic Safety, security and Emergency Procedures
  • Accommodation Safety & Security Procedures
  • IED’s, Mines and Weapons Awareness
  • Administration, Welfare and Discipline
  • Cultural Awareness
  • First Aid
  • Military Ranks
  • Military Transportation, Hire Vehicle/ Taxi movement

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