IndigoFitness Create Functional Outdoor Training Space for Surrey Sports Park

Published: 30 Jan, 2023
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IndigoFitness work with Surrey Sports Park to deliver the optimal outdoor training solution.

Surrey Sports Park is a world class health and fitness facility, offering sport for all and is located on University of Surrey campus.

Indigo worked on this project from conception to capture the desired training outcomes for students and members to design the right functional outdoor training space.

“The Rig” is now officially open showcasing a shipping container complete with RAZE training equipment stored inside and a RAZE functional outdoor rig with guaranteed all-weather durability. Everything was designed and manufactured in Britain, and Indigo also installed on-site.

Surrey Sports Park have already launched 3x classes to maximise member experience. These include conditioning, strength and hybrid classes that completely utilise the space and equipment included.

“A great project to have delivered towards the end of last year. So good to see Surrey Sports Park take the initiative and provide their members a functional outdoor training space.Ross Manester, Regional Sales Manager (UK South) at Indigo Fitness

If you are looking to provide outdoor training at your facility ready for Spring/Summer now is the time to start planning.

Get in touch to discuss the right solution for you.

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